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  1. HI, Does anyone know where I can get a seals kit for an Anschutz superair 2002 single stroke air rifle. Cheers.
  2. Mike Ash

    Original 75

    Hi, Have you got it sorted yet. Mike
  3. Mike Ash

    Walther LG300

    Thanks have mailed them. Mike
  4. Mike Ash

    Walther LG300

    Has anyone heard of or know how to fix this problem. After removing cyclinder for recharge the rifle will not fire, it will only work after repeatedly removing and replacing the cylinder. I have been told it is the regulator but where can I obtain one or have the rifle repaired.
  5. Mike Ash

    Walther LGR Piston seal

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy Walther LGR spares mianly a piston seal cheers. Mike
  6. Mike Ash

    UK Neil.

    Hi, Does anyone know if UK Neil is still making foresight element, And could they give me his email address. cheers Mike.