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  1. After the shootings in Peterlee, some doubts about the system of firearms licensing in Durham have been cast by a BBC Programme "Inside Out" See - http://psa.bizhosting.com/whats_new.html Warning - it's only available for the next six days - from today -17th Jan.
  2. Please see http://psa.bizhosting.com/whats_new.html It looks like this has been resolved - but further news will be posted as it comes in.
  3. Mike2

    Bisley Live

    I've been trying to find out what the discount is for club members at Bisley - to no avail. Bisley don't know, the ticket people don't know, and I haven't had an answer from the "organisers." Has anybody been contacted by the site below? Can you help? http://www.bisleylive.com/bisley-live-clubs.php
  4. I was at the Home Affairs Committee enquiry into "Gun Control" earlier this week and Adrian Whiting - who is the ACPO lead on firearms licensing - was being pressed hard by the committee to say what age he considered is suitable for young people to have a firearm or shotgun certificate, as the current system was confusing. His reply - TEN. See http://psa.bizhosting.com/whats_new.html
  5. From the BASC website - "Inaccurate and alarmist reports have appeared in the shooting press and on email concerning BASC's position on lead ammunition. They misrepresent BASC’s position and the current situation. BASC would like to take the opportunity to put the record straight. " Please see http://www.basc.org.uk/ or http://psa.bizhosting.com/whats_new.html
  6. An"Early Day Motion" has been proposed by Bob Spink MP which - "calls on the Government and Her Majesty's Opposition to consider the merits of licensing of all air guns within the legal power limit." See http://psa.bizhosting.com/whats_new.html Clearly these MPs haven't seen the government rejection of aigun licensing. At least this motion will give us information which can help us to decide how to vote - if we live in any of the signatories' contsituencies! Remember, you can also find out your MPs (and candidates) opinions on shooting at http://campaign.publicaffairsbriefing.co.u...3-490c7e6ead7e/ which gives us an easy way of contacting our MPs and candidates to let them know that we shoot - and vote - and to find out their opinions about our sport. The more shooters who contact hem the better - they need to know that this is an issue we are passinate about, and that it may affect our voting.
  7. Brian Again, Thanks for the compliments ! I wouldn't however describe it as a "dummies" guide - (unless you're referring to the popular computer series?) as most police officers are very far from being dummies. It's aimed (!) at those police officers who may not have any knowledge of the shooting sports. In the days of pistol shooting, the largest single profession in target shooting clubs was police officers - but now that link has gone, and whilst many police officers and staff still do shoot for sport and know their stuff, they are very much fewer than before - thus this booklet. If anyone knows of a police officer who would like a copy of the leaflet, please contact BASC ( firearms(at)BASC.org.uk ) and we'll send them - no problem!
  8. Mike2

    Election Time

    Hmmm. I'd say this was a political answer meaning absolutely nothing at all - but certainly not supportive. Personally I'd never vote for a person who gave such an evasive and meaningless reply.
  9. Mike2

    Election Time

    Well, 24 views - not too many but far more importantly, has anyone taken action and used the system yet? It would be interesting to know your experiences.
  10. Mike2

    Election Time

    It seems that campaigning for the coming general election has started, so BASC has set up a system to help us to let the candidates know OUR views, whilst at the same time getting their views, and making those views available to all shooters. I've posted a brief explanation and a link at - http://psa.bizhosting.com/whats_new.html or you can go there directly via http://www.basc.org.uk/
  11. Mike2


    ....and I suppose it would have been helpful of me to include a link to the petition. Sorry ! http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/ScottishGunBan/ Have we all signed? Have our friends/family? Some say its pointless signing petitions - but if we don't at least try it certainly will be pointless.
  12. Mike2


    I've also said in another thread - I see there are 4,936 registered members of this board. I see there are 3,512 signatures on the petition. Are we really all that apathetic? Admin - Perhaps a PM to all board members about this ?
  13. It's a shame this letter was ever sent - I'm sure it was done with the best of intentions, but every person who I have spoken to who received it has told me they found it rude, threatening and confusing. (Also mis-spelt, not that I'm perfect....) I say "a shame" because South Yorkshire Firearms Licensing department has a good reputation, and this will spoil it. It brings South Yorkshire Police into disrepute in the eyes of the certificate holders. I wonder if anyone has written to the police to thank them for their helpful advice?
  14. Mike2

    Scottish Airgun Ban or Licensing?

    I see I'm board member 27, 038 - does that mean there are more than 27,000 members ? If so, I wonder how many have signed the petition at http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/ScottishGunBan/ ? We're up to 1,516 as of 2nd July, but we really need ten times as many if we're to combat the Scottish petition to ban airguns, which has (allegedly) 11,000 signatures. Have YOU signed ?
  15. Mike2


    Just curious - has anyone from this board signed the petition yet? We're up to 1,000 today, but if we want to "overpower" the alleged numbers of signatories to the scottish petition seeking a ban on airguns, we'd need 11,000 at least.