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  1. lamin8

    Match rifles

    Hi, just got interested in these & would be keen to know if anyone has a FWB, Anchutz or Walther spring powered match air rifle for sale. I know that these were expensive when new & so are often in very good used condition but as they are getting on a bit now there might be one or two in less than great condition but I would consider one of these. Even one with the seals gone might be of interest if the price etc was ok. If you have something that may be of interest please let me know, thanks
  2. lamin8

    Pop out / gat type pistols

    Hi Gwylan, thanks for posting an answer to this, quite a clever little set up,
  3. lamin8

    Apache American design rifle

    Hi, thanks for the info, much appreciated, cheers
  4. lamin8

    Apache American design rifle

    Hi webscrounger, thanks for the reply & picture link. Just wondered how the rear cylinder/cocking piece comes appart. I guess the pump at the front is pretty straight forward & then perhaps the trigger gets dropped down but do the valve & hammer come out through the rear of the cylinder? They certainly look pretty solid, & I hope you can get the bits to return yours to working order , definately looks worth the time & trouble, many thanks
  5. Just wondered if anyone could explain the principle behind the type of pistol that requires the spring to be compressed by pushing the "barrel" in until it latches & the rear plug unscrewed so that a pellet or dart can be loaded. I have never taken one of these appart to have a look at the mechanism & all the sectional diagrams I have seen are too indestinct to make out what the firing cycle is. I also remember someone saying that the pellet is fired simply by inertia but I am not sure if that is correct or not. If it were true then I think the cork firing variety pistols would only propell the cork a few feet, so I am inclined to believe that the air pushing the pellet is the way they work, but whats the air flow mechanism? thanks for any replies
  6. Hi, just wondered if anyone had an exploded diagram of the Apache Fireball rifle that was made in America. It is a bit of an unusual design as it has a .25 barrel with a liner so it can take smaller calibre pellets/bb's. Has anyone got one..........what do they shoot like? If you do have a plan or exploded drawing or know where one might be found then I would be interested to know, many thanks