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  1. big paul

    HW 100kt

    You thought it was loud in the 1st place ?
  2. big paul

    Any Shropshire pistol shooters here

    Hi guys I wonder if any pistol shooters target practical plinker or collectors local to Shropshire would be interested in regular (monthly or bi-monthly) meets , may be able to wangle a bit of land for this or just a chat in a pub any interest ?.
  3. big paul


    The thing is once the gun is brought its £10 for 500 shots , you cant get cheaper fun than that and lets face it a £500 set up is only about a computer console and 4 computer games and most kids I know finish a game in 1 weekend, then the console is out of date 3 years on, shooting gets em out teaches them respect and discipline (oh no I'm sounding like my Dad) and the gun will last a life time still got my Grandads model D.
  4. big paul


    No same at the club I go to as well, which can only be a good thing , also lots of spring guns coming back to.
  5. big paul

    tuning the BSA lightning

    I have not done the work my self, but mine has had a 2 stage trigger fitted ans has had the Sandwell field sports tune up, I have also taped on a raised cheek area.
  6. big paul

    Some info

    Ok thinking of doing some HFT this year, so have some questions. 1. I have my own insurance through the sportsman association would I be allowed to shoot with this as it does cover me. 2. I have a .22 100 will I need a single shot adapter or can I just remove the mag between lanes. 3. I have read the scoring 2 points a knock down 1 point a hit does this mean you only have 1 shot at the target ? 4. How can I find out when & where there is going to be a competition. 5. If travel a distance is camping OK
  7. big paul

    Pistol Shooters - Welcome Wagon

    I like plinking with pistols I shoot CO2:- 92f / 9000s / Uzi Desert Eagle and have an original Typhoon in the original box with all the extras.
  8. big paul

    The Best Looking Standard Rifle ?

    The pro sport has a horrible cocking lever blisters your fingers if your not gentle with it. But it does look good so if its looks over use it will win the 97 or 77 but if its about use then it wont get a look in with the weihrauchs and the TX fails with that stupid rachet system thats why my lad know owns my walnut TX & I have a 97k. Also is the Pro sport not dearer than the s400 ? So I would say there is something beautiful about function that's why any HW is a a good looker to me, as is the apache helicopter a porsch 911 or any other slightly unatractive but hi achieving item. ( I know I sound sad)
  9. big paul

    The Best Looking Standard Rifle ?

    BSA airsporter has got to be up there