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  1. Airgunner

    Woodlands airgun club

    This may help http://woodlandsairgunclub.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/ Regards Barry
  2. Airgunner

    Club Wanted

    This may help... http://www.ukahft.org.uk/airgunclubs.htm
  3. Airgunner

    WALES .

    What wind?
  4. Airgunner


    The rules Regards Barry
  5. Airgunner

    Waht happened to the Daystates?

    My MKIII (B) has been soaked on few occasions and still works like it was new. It must be something else
  6. Airgunner

    SMLE Air rifle

    An illegal rifle if it uses TACS. 5 yrs in prison if found guilty of possessing a firearm. I didnt see where you are from until I had posted. Here in the UK it would be illegal.
  7. Airgunner

    Membership culling policy

    Cor! an Airgun Forum Vesectomy, hopt it don't hurt.
  8. Airgunner

    A reply from my MP

    Wrote a letter to my MP dated 26/10/02, received acknowledgement on 29/10/02 and a reply today 03/11/02. Letter from my MP I think that was a good response time. Regards Barry
  9. Airgunner

    New Members

    100% with you there. Hope the other BBS's follow your example. Thanks for providing such an interesting and high class Forum. Regards Barry