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  1. SteveC200

    Far Coly ?

    I guess that could be compensated for by high mounting the scope to flatten the trajectory at longer ranges?
  2. SteveC200

    Far Coly ?

    Every FT club in the country is outside of the M25.
  3. SteveC200

    East Anglian Open - Results

    Brave man. (I agree with you. Shhh.) 😏
  4. SteveC200

    Euro champs

    WTF? Did the organisers think that guessing your fill pressure was acceptable??
  5. SteveC200


    Todd was but couldnt get the right acid to make it work properly. There is another chap at Iceni who works for an anodising business.
  6. SteveC200

    So What Will You Do To Improve ?

    Lol. Dick. 😃
  7. SteveC200

    So What Will You Do To Improve ?

    I'm heading towards gimp jacket wearing. Oh the horror.
  8. SteveC200

    New Falcon FT scope

    Even cheaper if you get the normal ret version... https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/nikko-stirling-diamond-sportsman-10-50x60-riflescope/
  9. SteveC200

    New Falcon FT scope

    The T502? Its out already.
  10. SteveC200

    You Tube ?

  11. SteveC200

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    Bring one of your rifles along and we'll have an open sight lane.
  12. SteveC200

    Air Chrony

    Isn't one a copy of the other?
  13. SteveC200

    Do my eyes deceive me

    At least they used your best side Hols.
  14. SteveC200

    Air Gun shooting Show ?

    What is the 'target' rifle? He really didnt like them did he? It must be pretty poor for him to concrete it into a bucket. His name is Giles by the way. ;)
  15. SteveC200

    Springfield GP

    I had a quick feel as well and I agree, it felt very nice, good balance and lighter than it probably is.