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  1. SteveC200

    New Scope

    Oooh, I just heard Gerrys brain exploding.
  2. SteveC200

    360ยบ Springfield Field Target.....

    If its light enough put it on the end of the barrel so the target, the look of disappointment on the shooters face when it doesnt fall over and the laughter from people watching can all be seen at the same time.
  3. SteveC200

    So where is our hero?

    So whats Holly up to then? It seems strange and scary to not have Rock Hobbit waffle to read.
  4. SteveC200

    And so my friends, the end is near....

    Surely this is something that should be discussed on the SEFTA forum?
  5. SteveC200

    World Class Veterans....

    Unless the age changes from 55, yep. I'm off to shed a tear.
  6. SteveC200

    World Class Veterans....

    I suspect John Lloyd will be joining you in the Old Gits Class. I'll see you there in 7 years.
  7. SteveC200

    The Pellets ?

    Velocity isnt important. Being washed and lubed is though.
  8. SteveC200

    Happy Christmas

    And to you Holly, I hope Santa brings you the giant tube of super glue youve always wanted.
  9. SteveC200

    Web Site For Carisbrooke ARC .

    I have found Nats next holiday destination. Should last her for a weekend break.
  10. SteveC200

    Web Site For Carisbrooke ARC .

    Not big enough?
  11. SteveC200

    Chop Squad chopped....

    Now that I totally agree with. Not everyone has an email addy of course but the more people that get to hear about proposals, decisions, rule changes etc the better. The BFTA structure will say that we should be getting our info from our club reps, who get it from the regional reps, who get it from the BFTA committee. Which is, of course the most efficient way to pass on information.