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  1. Thank You PPI ?

    Cool, glad I spotted it.
  2. Grading

    As of this year, they are.
  3. Sure Shot .

    Simon got a full refund as well, so hes got a LW as well now which, so far, hes very happy with.
  4. The Regional's .

    Andy? Wasnt it his work?
  5. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    Same here for SEFTA and I think most of us are happy enough with that.
  6. The Regional's .

    Absolutely. I've been doing this long enough to have had plenty of 'those days'. Lol. Its a -swearword- though because if I had shot the score I think I should have it would have made a difference to the team placing.
  7. The Regional's .

    Rob has pretty much summed it up for me. I didn't have a good time of it really, particularly the sunday. I was fine for the first 9 lanes, got to the bend and just never got to grips with the wind after that. Give it a kill and it took nothing, give it nothing and it takes a kill. Or go the wrong way. It did my head in. Two clears on those courses is stunning work.
  8. Grading

    Thinking about it, it wouldnt take 3 targets per lane on every lane. Maybe only 5 or so lanes/extra targets. It wouldnt take any imagination either, just have a mini placed next to the full size kill target on positionals and 40+ yard targets, that would do the trick. Dont know if it would work with the current grade cut offs though, Maybe have 80% up in the 'top' grade.
  9. Grading

    Is there an argument for putting out additional targets for the higher grades? Obviously it means not everyone is shooting the same course but if the shoot is graded does it matter? Maybe 3 targets per lane but only two are shot, which ones depend on your grade. Its more work for the course setters but as a shoot it would work. AA and A shoot the longer two targets, B & C shoot the shorter two, with separate 100% scores for each course. You could almost do away with grades and just have Division 1 and Division 2.
  10. Jon Horwood

    Hes done a couple of bits for me too and very happy with his work. Hes made the woodwork on my AR20 and a custom air stripper to my design for my Daystate. As you say, he replies quickly and his prices are spot on.

    Nat will win it one year soon, shes only been in it 3 times and has got to the final twice and semis once, a pretty decent track record.
  12. Grading

    You know what would make Open class more 'acceptable'? Shooting different, harder targets on the positionals lanes.
  13. Grading

    Thats not the case though Keith, you can still choose to move up a grade the same as its always been.
  14. My trusty Daystate mk3 and knackered old mk1 Nikko.
  15. The SteyWhei

    So what barrel have you settled on? The LW?