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  1. SteveC200

    New Falcon FT scope

    Even cheaper if you get the normal ret version... https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/nikko-stirling-diamond-sportsman-10-50x60-riflescope/
  2. SteveC200

    New Falcon FT scope

    The T502? Its out already.
  3. SteveC200

    You Tube ?

  4. SteveC200

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    Bring one of your rifles along and we'll have an open sight lane.
  5. SteveC200

    Air Chrony

    Isn't one a copy of the other?
  6. SteveC200

    Do my eyes deceive me

    At least they used your best side Hols.
  7. SteveC200

    Air Gun shooting Show ?

    What is the 'target' rifle? He really didnt like them did he? It must be pretty poor for him to concrete it into a bucket. His name is Giles by the way. ;)
  8. SteveC200

    Springfield GP

    I had a quick feel as well and I agree, it felt very nice, good balance and lighter than it probably is.
  9. SteveC200

    Springfield GP

    I guess his non stop chit chat could be off putting? Or was it getting told off for not calling times? Youre a very naughty boy. Haha.
  10. SteveC200

    Thank You PPI ?

    Cool, glad I spotted it.
  11. SteveC200


    As of this year, they are.
  12. SteveC200

    Sure Shot .

    Simon got a full refund as well, so hes got a LW as well now which, so far, hes very happy with.
  13. SteveC200

    The Regional's .

    Andy? Wasnt it his work?
  14. SteveC200

    To Shoot For Your Region ?

    Same here for SEFTA and I think most of us are happy enough with that.
  15. SteveC200

    The Regional's .

    Absolutely. I've been doing this long enough to have had plenty of 'those days'. Lol. Its a -swearword- though because if I had shot the score I think I should have it would have made a difference to the team placing.