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  1. SteveC200

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    That was an option but thankfully it didnt happen, it would have caused me problems as well.
  2. SteveC200

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    Theres only been one date change Stan, the ETL round 6. The showdown is the same as it was from the start. Rnd 1 KW 21st October Rnd 2 Iceni 4th November Rnd 3 SF 18th November Rnd 4 ETL 2nd December Rnd 5 SF 6th January Rnd 6 ETL 13th January Rnd 7 Iceni 3rd February Rnd 8 KW 17th February Showdown SF 3rd March
  3. SteveC200

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    Hes not playing this year, we banned marmalade sandwiches.
  4. SteveC200

    Essex 50 pix

    Correct on both counts. The forecast wind didn't really happen but even so it was still tricky for wind. What surprised me wasn't the scores coming up in the lower grades but some of the low scores in the upper grades.
  5. SteveC200

    Essex 50 pix

    This might work. Or it might not.... Name Club Score Percentage Grade AA Simon Ayres Broadlands 49 100 Steve Carter Iceni 47 95.9 Richard Osborne Springfield 46 93.9 John Chopping Kent 44 89.8 Nathan Reeve Hereward 42 85.7 David Elvin Broadlands 42 85.7 Grade A Natalie Shead Iceni 47 95.9 Andrew Shead Iceni 45 91.8 Helen Carragher Midshires 45 91.8 Simon Martin Midshires 44 89.8 Ian Challis Springfield 44 89.8 Dave Purcell Wendover 43 87.8 Dave Croucher Kent 43 87.8 Andy Pearson Midshires 42 85.7 Keith Allen ETL 42 85.7 David Clark Midshires 41 83.7 Harry Farrow ETL 40 81.6 Simon High ICENI 39 79.6 Dave Ward Springfield 38 77.6 Peter J Edwards Springfield 37 75.5 Barry McDonald Springfield 34 69.4 Nick Barrow Springfield 33 67.3 Rory McFarland Kent 29 59.2 Adrian Bloomfield Kent 25 51.0 Grade B Barry Johnson Kent 44 89.8 Stan Kempton Springfield 44 89.8 Mike Seago Cromer 42 85.7 John Lloyd Iceni 41 83.7 Edwin Cable Broadlands 40 81.6 Leann Mason Springfield 39 79.6 Peter T Edwards Springfield 39 79.6 Antony Martin Kent 38 77.6 Paul Ross ETL 38 77.6 Andy Kettley ETL 37 75.5 John Kearey ETL 36 73.5 John Walker Springfield 33 67.3 David O'Connor Springfield 31 63.3 Grade C Steve Martin Kent 40 81.6 Tony Sultana Kent 40 81.6 Gordon Eley Kent 37 75.5 David Mansfield Lea Valley 34 69.4 Trever Higgs Midshires 26 53.1 Richard Smith Colne Valley 19 38.8 Trevor Townsend ETL 18 36.7
  6. SteveC200

    Essex 50 pix

    Remember that pic of you I took a while back? Cheers for the pics.
  7. SteveC200

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    Ooohhh, miss-information, on purpose or not? How can you tell? Has your mole turned double-agent?
  8. SteveC200

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    FAKE NEWS!!!
  9. SteveC200

    Essex 50

    Well I hope they let us know if it's cancelled. I've already had to swap my on-call duty to get the 7th off.
  10. SteveC200

    Springfield Sunday....

    Slacker. A few intrepid Icenis went up the club and put out a new firing line ready to screw ourselves on the winter league. 😁
  11. SteveC200


    I gave Nats heavies a try in my Daystate again last sunday. They didnt even come close to decent grouping but I know my gun can be pellet fussy. The drop compared to 8.4s was 1 mildot (30x mag) at 35 yards, 3 mildots at 55 yards. The big suprise was they took far more wind than the 8.4s. 1-2 mildots at 55 yards with the 8.4s, twice that with the heavies. I dont think I'll bother trying them again.
  12. SteveC200

    Can the standard silhouette be improved?

    Lols design could be easily fitted to current targets, just needs a plate to be bolted or welded to the standard faceplate to fill the hole.
  13. SteveC200

    The showdown ?

    Dunno, the bionic eye might come in handy.
  14. SteveC200

    The showdown ?

    I watched the PoP videos last night. "Steve Clark". Lol.
  15. SteveC200

    I Fear A Rule Change is Imminent!!

    Maybe a very small narrow fixed front plate in front of the rib so that it cant be hit at all? Angle it so on the off chance it does get hit it directs the pellets downwards. Obviously this then reintroduces the minute possibility of a split but its better than having an exposed rib that if hit could potentially knock the paddle over.