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  1. Been having a ponder. I've had a fair input into Iceni's WL & GP courses over the years and I'm basically on board with everything said so far. I'm not a fan of large direction changes between targets on a single lane. It might make for a technically more difficult couple of shots but the shuffling around is awkward, wastes time and potentially dangerous depending on when the gun was loaded. Also you can get exactly the same amount of angle changes over the course lane to lane rather than target to target. I like lanes that make you think and mess with your head. Like a 35 yard full size followed by a 35 yard mini. Or a mini and micro on the same lane. As a rule of thumb, for sitting targets on each lane I reckon a minimum combined distance of 60 yards would be fairly easy, 70 yards is good for a breezy day and 80 yards would be pretty hard. Add in some elevation and direction changes and your onto a good start. I find the tricky bit is what to do with the positionals. Elevation changes can screw up shots as much as range but I reckon if the combined range of all 4 standers is 100 yards and all 4 kneelers about 140 yards then thats about right.
  2. LGU stock

    Nice, who made that?
  3. Scopes ?

    All the scopes mentioned as an alternative to the Zos are what, three times the price and thats second hand? Hardly a fair comparison. The Zos isnt great, of course not but tell me of another scope that has 40x mag, sidewheel, sunshade and mounts for £100 brand new. If you are on a proper tight budget and want to dip your toe into FT to see if you like it they are ideal.
  4. Airgunforum, what future?

    Hide all the unused forums from the front page, a lot are only there for reference anyway. Particularly the database which takes up 1/4 of the front page but cant be posted in and is a decade out of date.
  5. Messing with a Steyr .

    Just stumbled across this video. It seems STX barrels have a very slow twist rate, 1 in 30, in .25 calibre. You can also see how they apply the rifling to the outside of the barrel.
  6. Messing with a Steyr .

    Thought you had a CZ barrel coming? Or are you trying a variety?
  7. Messing with a Steyr .

    Probably can Steve what's the minimum length would you need and would you want the STX (full length) or ST (just the last 2")? OD on mine is approx 13.75 mm Steyrs are 450mm IIRC, depending on model. See if you can get some freebies. ;)
  8. Messing with a Steyr .

    Can you get hold of ST barrels Gerry? It would be interesting to try one in my Steyr. Any idea what the OD is?
  9. Barrels .

    Good. Now go click on the links provided and you'll find an HW barrel for £70.
  10. Barrels .

    Are you purposely ignoring my post?
  11. Barrels .

    Theres nothing thats a straight fit, they are all blanks, Ive been looking myself. For a 16mm diameter theres HW100, SureShots CZ and LW from Chambers. Knibbs sell 15.7mm BSA barrels as well. http://silco.co.uk/categories/WEIHRAUCH-BARREL-BLANKS/ https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24911/177-45mm/ http://www.airgunspares.com/store/product/18894/BSA-Barrel-Blank-.177/ http://sureshot-airguns.co.uk/aeron/
  12. On the subject of old rifles .

    I dont have my old Shamal any more but I do have a pair of Daystate Mk1 Huntsman. One bought from Ron Crawford and the other from Chris Sams, both were members of Iceni from pretty much its start.
  13. Shooting sports and the EV2

    Surely the fact that these top shooters choose to use an EV2 has some bearing? They arent likely to use something of less ability are they?
  14. Old school comp

    I presume you intend for tbe rifles and scopes to be old school as well as the format? How old school? 80s, 90s? If the rigs aren't period correct theres not much point to it is there? Icenis East Anglian Open back in the late 80s was as much about side shoots as it was FT. Dump, long range, pistol, snooker, I'm sure there were others.
  15. Airgunforum, what future?

    You dont appear to have done anything useful though. Much like myself. The difference being that I'm not really bothered if this forum closes whereas you appear to be but won't or can't do anything about it apart from suggest that someone else should do something.