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  1. craftsman

    Weihrauch barrel shortening and choking.

    Try leaving it in your freezer for a few days and try again, the two items should possibly contract away from each other.
  2. craftsman


    Just been over but I can't find what the bone of contention was. Was it something to do with FAC air rifles? I tried googling the worlds but all I could find were scores.
  3. craftsman

    adjustable butt pads and cheek piece

    Just found this post,,,being a Scot at heart, I always make all my bits if possible. Take off your butt plate and rebuild with extended polystyrene or similar, test and keep altering untill you reach your desired shape/angle. Same with the buttstock comb. Remove and duplicate in wood. Making them adjustable will be a lot more technical.
  4. What, if anything, is being done to support the pistol shooters at the Commonwealth Games? Due to the ban in '96/'97, grass roots pistol shooting has practically disappeared from clubs, just the odd plinking with air pistols or air-soft, discounting the horribly balanced 'Long Barrelled Revolver' comps. There used to be thousands of pistol shooting competitors attending competitions all over the country and apart from a few stalwarts from the BWSS, this has all crashed. We could do with the return of at least the Olympic style .22cal precision and rapid fire pistols and cartridge single action revolvers, This would allow serious shooters a possible return to decent competitions. David Brian Smedley Chairman, Mansfield & District RPC
  5. craftsman

    A MPR

    Having taken possesion of an MPR FT last year, I can only applaud your choice. I have fitted one of those after market multi-shot mag thingies from a cracking engineering firm (forgot the name) and I am now able to make groups that rarely exceed 1.5 times pellet diameter, at 20 metres. Being a mechanic, (read, frustrated engineer) I have extended the stock and altered the 'hamster' and fitted a superb sound mod. so it now complies with most of my wishes. I hope your other half enjoys her new toy!
  6. craftsman


    Had a little comp at a full bore range last month,,,,bench rest with Sharps 45-70 rifles and I won (with a borrowed rifle). Any takers???????????
  7. craftsman

    Sensible ideas please !

    I wouldn't worry about 20 thou, I imagine that the originals were at least that far out of true. A good thick linen patch will cover the discrepancy assuming it's smoothbore.
  8. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Just found this, been a bit busy, but thanks for the info and I will check it out as soon as the medics let loose of my coat-tails,,,,,who said growing old was fun???? The web site looks good and the facilities are superb.
  9. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Mornin' Baron, do you have any info for venue, times and dates and a contact name, please? dbsmedley@Hotmail.com. if you don't want to publish it on here.
  10. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Well now, thanks very much for the invite but I would soon be a poorer pensioner than I am now due to traveling costs! Traveling to my 'Cowboy' shoots once a month is about all I can manage comfortably, so it looks like I shall just have to heckle the non-players at my club into more activity. I mean, air rifle and pistol shooting has to be one of the cheapest forms of shooting but you would need a 10 foot bullwhip to stir some of our guys! You would not believe the number of trophies that stand idle in our display cabinet now-a-days, still, I guess that is modern youth for you!
  11. craftsman

    To Bender or not to bender .

    I always understood that real shooters only need all these glass filled tubes for over 100 yards, to hit anything??????
  12. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Oh, I'm fresh all right! And sometimes very personal! Ask most of my female acquaintances!
  13. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Hah!!! Either the drum ain't working or nobody at my club likes me enough to compete with me. Looks like a no-go then unless there is a singles comp?
  14. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Received thank you, need to see if I can drum up another couple of bodies.
  15. craftsman

    Bench rest comp

    Is there such a thing as a bench rest 20yd comp within the sport and if so, what are the rules,,,,, size or description of target, number of shots etc? I have became interested in this form of shooting as I am now unable to go tramping around courses or even standing still, as in Bell Target,,,,int owd age wunnerful?