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  1. JohnyT


    Just Picked up a morini, very happy with it
  2. JohnyT

    Steyr LG110 Hunting HFT?

    I've been shooting (almost) 10m in my large shed at home and at the sdftc Rod let me have a few 6 yard targets to have a go with too. I've been at it most evenings and been scoring mid-high 40s. Not scored a 50 yet but only had the 10m guns since early last week. Still getting better results with the 66 at the moment I have to say. If the weather is good Sunday I'll be there in the morning but I have to be home by 12 cos my wife's roped me into her friends brats birthday party still gotta work out how I'm getting up there though, can't take 2 rifles and a pistol on my bike lol. Dave said he might be bringing a bell target for us to have a go at. Will be great if he does.
  3. JohnyT

    Steyr LG110 Hunting HFT?

    Might be worth a look if it does pop up then. I have a HW100TK .22 at the moment which I mostly use to shoot that bell on a string at 55 yards free standing. Thats good fun but I will have to start doing something a bit more challenging for the new year and I think HFT would be a good start. I have an Original 66 and Steyer LG-1 for 10 meters and I may well get something a bit more up market for 10M if I get into it more.
  4. JohnyT

    Steyr LG110 Hunting HFT?

    That's a nice gun you have there. I am a member of the sdftc and would like to take up more on HFT I'm hoping to get a nice setup and have my heart set on one of these now. I've just spent out on some 2nd hand 10m guns that I can use in my large shed while the colder months are here. So yeah just planning ahead for now and hope to compete a bit in HFT in the coming year.
  5. JohnyT

    Steyr LG110 Hunting HFT?

    Thats good better start saving the pennies
  6. Hello Can the Steyr LG110 Hunting be used for HFT or is there something in it thats not within the rules? I get confused with some of them.