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  1. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Dunno Chris. I see your name (s) crop uo in various places and odd times summat from Nick but never anything else I recognise as originating from any of the MM lads. Mostly they are pretty bad at communicating, even at the club some of 'em! 'Tain't the same, I tell ya,not at all.
  2. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    I don't think any of the current MM regulars use this site at all.
  3. That is the best news on lead shot for years.
  4. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    My apologies for my non-attendance last night folks. I had been out working with the dog all day and, once showered and changed ready to come and play, promptly fell asleep for two hours! Naturally, I will be back at Melbourne in the New Year (clutching my overdue subs). May I also add my appreciation of John W's superb input and technical advice over the first few years of the club's existence. A true gentleman. Happy Christmas Chaps!
  5. A Daystate And The wife

    Must say, first of all, I'm not a field target chap at all, but....... What kind of idiot would rest the muzzle of a gun on their boot, for Christ's sake? oh, I know....clay shooters. Just goes to show, the FT folks are clay shooters with airguns! (lol)
  6. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    An excellent day out was enjoyed by MM members who went to the Royal Armouries, Leeds, today. Many thanks to Jean for co-ordinating the trip.
  7. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Actually, I have just seven bottles at the moment, all different, all opened. I may need some help. (My missus says I do).
  8. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    I find, once opened, the contents have a tendency to "evaporate".
  9. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Phooey!! I wish my airgun collection was one behind yours!
  10. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    I wasn't aware you had used Kim's "facilities". Was this on general offer? Why wasn't I told? I never had a go!
  11. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    I once went to one of those "sacificial r/c airplane shoots" back in the 70's. The aircraft were much harder to bring down with a shotgun than what you might think. Hitting them was easy enough....briging them down was anothr matter. When we finally brought one to earth it looked like the "Memphis Belle" on her return to base. The devious modelmaker had fitted plates to protect all the servos and actuating stuff from pellet strikes.
  12. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    LOST/MISSING........Club Chairman. Description.....unecessary, you will know him when you see him. Caution...flammable....may be soaked in alcohol. Reward offered for safe return (Pedigree).
  13. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    [quote name=DUNKS" post="416770" timestamp="140338322 5]Me first!!!!![/ quote] I believe I am correct in saying that Kwaka has asked Chris to stand in on punishment duties whilst she is away!
  14. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Speak for youself! I can live without beer. single malt is another story!