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  1. bb-builder


    I thought we had been hacked I kept getting error message then a picture of a cute rabbit
  2. bb-builder


    This is the 3000 one cant find a 2000 one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Night-force-3000-Torch-Light/dp/B00GLV1XJ4
  3. bb-builder

    Midshires FTc

    Is this the place? http://www.midshiresmarksmen.co.uk/
  4. bb-builder

    SEFTA Winter League Round 1

    Yer easy way to remember Spring Forward Fall Back
  5. bb-builder

    Hw100 Tk Fsb .177

    The pellet weight looks wrong ChairGun has AA Field as 8.4 is your crono calibrated correctly 8.4 grain 802 ft/s = 11.99 Ft.Lbf your absolute max aloud 16.26 joule Mel/T
  6. bb-builder

    Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    No Cats No Football No Bodged up airguns Sounds like a brilliant place but I daren't tell my cat loving grandaughter
  7. bb-builder

    Need help with BSF Junior .177

    Spares do seem to be available for them here in the UK https://www.gunspares.co.uk/categories/24028/Bavaria-BSF-Wischo/ you can view/print the parts diagram and order spares they ship worldwide
  8. bb-builder

    A bean bag for kneelers ?

    Sounds like the rules and regulations in this sport is getting as daft as F1 motor racing
  9. This is just another bit of kit NOT to have then at least when I miss I've another thing to blame I'd off killed that if I'd had one of them torque thingies I don't think
  10. One of these might do the job http://www.midwayuk.com/Wheeler-Engineering-FAT-Firearm-Accurizing-Torque-Torque-Wrench-Screwdriver
  11. bb-builder

    pistol petition - please support

  12. Hi joebob81 if you were in the UK this is the place you would be looking https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24342/2200/ but you must have similar places in USA.
  13. bb-builder

    Feinwerkbau 800 Ft

    Don't normally like these space age type target rifles but I like the look of that. Probably more at home on Mars though than Yorkshire Dales Mel/T
  14. I would not recommend the squeezing method Its more for big lads showing off their powers, you risk contaminating the edible parts with contents of internal organs as they burst out into the body cavity before being expelled maybe ok if you are able to steep the carcass in salt water over night but don't do it for a quick rinse and roast . I was brought up to a lot more surgical procedure as we needed the meat and the skin, squeezing or throwing the dead rabbits about was a definite no no a single sided razor blade (for those who can remember them ) was the tool for the cuts a good skin was 4 old pence (a bag of chips 4 penerth) bb-builder
  15. bb-builder


    Hi plotter you don't say what gun your using springer / PCP 177 / 22 and power are you some ware near the legal limit? all these things can have a bearing on distance kills. Mel/T