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  1. sportsmatch

    New Scope

    Need a pointer dan think this will be just the job https://www.chrisandsons.co.uk/eldos-afro-wooden-comb-hcb022.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-JXiBRCpARIsAGqF8wWrUcwBmQIyb23Q5MgwYPI0UE-H3lb4prlsMQ7rzIvHXwbXxwBvWYYaAobHEALw_wcB
  2. See you there Holly coming to get a special greaser
  3. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    I got a sniff of a MK3 stainless carbine in a welham stock ringing on Monday to find out more
  4. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    Never had a problem cocking a mk2 maybe through working with my hands over the years makes the hands strong or I had a good technique the only time I had an issue was when it went sick it was hard to cock jthen shooting over 900fps and making a strange sound on firing, once it was serviced it was back to normal. The MK 3 is far easier to cock than the MK2 I think I know where my old steel action went so that is off the table now I never thought getting an old greaser would be so hard Is the power adjustable on the one you sold Daz
  5. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    I’m right handed anyway rifles are meant to be shot not stuck in a cupboard
  6. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    Alan is keep his collection of 10 GC2’s
  7. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    Pm the details please Jon
  8. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    I have an ad on here, stb and bbs Dave messaged Alan up north just messaged Dale and contacted Steve who I sold the steel carbine to and a few others
  9. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    Yes the GC2 is an old school rifle with an outdated trigger same as the Ripley and takes a little more concentrated effort to shot well compared to the modern steyr,s anschutz etc. But I’m looking for another nice GC2 I shot one for 10 years many years ago before it need a service to sort out a problem, that is better than the 9015 which didn’t last 10 months would have another GC2 tomorrow if I can find a nice one, the 9015 no thanks
  10. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    Its ok I have had a few alloy actions in the past I just wish I still had the mk3 still carbine action
  11. sportsmatch

    GC2 Action .

    Got hankering for a GC2 again looking hopefully for a mk3 preferably a steel or stainless Carbine version
  12. sportsmatch

    FWB 800X

    A bit more but a lot more toys with it
  13. sportsmatch

    FWB 800X

    I bet you he can
  14. sportsmatch

    Masters and showdown

    He has had a look through my March,s with the MTR-FT and MTR-3 rets and he preferred the MTR-3