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  1. Matt

    New Scope

    The kahles will do what you want but you have to know how to use it, don't search for the best image, always turn in one direction as soon as image comes clear stop turning. Simple as that. If you search for best image it won't work. Matt
  2. Matt

    New Scope

    If it's poor eyes then I would recommend something that snaps so stick with Nikko or sightron. Matt
  3. Matt

    New Scope

    As darron has said repeatability is what you need and the kahles has that, doesn't really matter that much in any temp. 80 mag march is supposed to shift at three temps, speaking to Juan in Spain, the kahles didn't over his testing (please bear in mind he has bought all his scopes so has no axe to grind). He uses the 80 mag as the 80 mag edges the kahles in the magnification department. Matt
  4. Matt

    New Scope

    Other option if your based in Wales, speak to Stephen duberley he has a kahles - will tell you about any issues he's been having (don't think he has had any). Alternatively come take the trip to Yorkshire. Let me know. Matt
  5. Matt

    Euros weekend....

    Well done Berty! Walking along the firing line, there appeared to be a few empty lanes - whether this was through shooters not turning up or shooters slowing down due to the conditions don't know? Justin had issues with his rifle, was told he had not locked his gun case after day one and it had opened up and the gun rolled out- didn't speak to Justin to see if true or not. Matt
  6. Matt

    Target sprint

    Well was at the midland game fair today bumped into a few of the guys and girls who do target sprint must say what a nice bunch of people with real enthusiasm and passion for the sport. Nice to see younger generation getting involved in a shooting sport. Matt
  7. Matt

    Euros weekend....

    Who won then? Matt
  8. Was planning on shooting the winter league but having a go at 10m over winter also got a lot on with RUAG. Hopefully pick the ft rifle back up next year sometime maybe for the gp or maybe just the world's...see how things pan out. Matt
  9. Matt

    Rotherham Chantry

    Went along to a new club last night Rotherham Chantry. Great little setup they have, ground is owned by the club as well, they do rimfire 50m and 100m ranges, air so lots to have a go at. My interest was 10m air and after an introduction to the club I got on the range to have a go. Quite different from ft, but I can see how it could become addictive. Matt
  10. Matt

    New Scope

    DTM, Where about are you based, can you get up to redfearns FTC? If you can I can try to meet you, you can bolt a kahles onto your gun, set the wheel up and try it round a ft course. Matt
  11. Matt

    New Scope

    The Schmidt ft2 I had was ok, it worked, however I found it a very slow scope to use. I lent it to Neil Hague he hates it. Schmidt since rebuilt the scope, but the one at the British shooting show that Sean had was very poor optically. Kahles, speak to those who own them - if your on Facebook I can add you to the user group ask them what they think of it. Matt
  12. Matt

    Masters and showdown

    Darron, This is the rail on forend. Matt
  13. Matt

    Masters and showdown

    Holly, Jack has the one he won at the world champs. Matt P.s. No one is saying he is changing.
  14. Matt

    Masters and showdown

    Jack was asking me about the rail for the 9015 I had made by Rowan, he wants one for his rifle. Matt P.s. hope the winners were happy with their bags?
  15. Matt

    Masters and showdown

    Pic of jack after winning the BFTA Masters.