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  1. 3d printed windicator

    Lol Andy, I just would rather understand how it can break - it helps John refine the design and fix any issues if there are any as soon as possible. The one I have that fits my cylinder is rock solid - hence why I convinced Jon into selling them. Anyway will wait see what's gone on. Matt
  2. 3d printed windicator

    Holly, How the hell did you manage this? My indicator is built like a tank Anyway, if you message Jon Lau Comsa, send him pics he will issue a refund or replacement parts. Matt
  3. 3d printed windicator

    Same rob. Matt
  4. 3d printed windicator

    Holly, I've passed it onto John. Matt
  5. 3d printed windicator

    Colin, They seem to be getting worse, I've been waiting on a few things that haven't turned up when supposed to. I just don't want to let people down, so I said get it posted to him direct, hopefully that may turn up? Matt
  6. 3d printed windicator

    Ok, seems royal mail has created a issue by not delivering the windicators to keV - just found out today. So Holly as you have pre ordered the windicator if you pay keV it will be sent posted foc as it's been a bit of a balls up - as they say best laid plans of men and mice. Give me your address by email and I'll make sure it gets sent out first thing Monday. Matt
  7. Out And About ?

    I was busy doing household stuff, had a few hours at the classic to see what was going on - gave a few things out, dropped some wood off for grips - back home BBQ. That was the weekend gone. Matt
  8. 3d printed windicator

    Ok holly. I'll let kev know. Matt
  9. 3d printed windicator

    Hopefully final post on here before I make a for sale thread. The parts will be available from kevin Sayers at the grand prixs, he should have the first lot with him at the next gp. If you have any special requirements please just let him know and he'll see about getting it made. Matt
  10. 3d printed windicator

    Cheek piece riser.
  11. 3d printed windicator

    On a Steyr.
  12. Anschutz Tinkering....

    Rifle still going strong? Notice weather has dipped so has this had any effect. Matt
  13. Follow through....

    I always spend time with the springer as you learn so much from them, as you say the PCP lulls you into a false sense of security with regards follow through. One bad thing with springers though is you are demoralised and you have a bad day with the springer it can really tip you over the edge. Matt
  14. 3d printed windicator

    Holly, Are you wanting rail mounted or cylinder? I'll message you the guys details. Regards, Matt P.s. will also create a for sale thread later, as any sales should appear in there.