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  1. Brocock Contour s6 air intake clogged?

    Hopefully Jon may be along to help answer this one, can you put up a pic of the rifle? So you plug the filler in, open the tank and what happens? Does it show a pressure that you are filling it to, can you hear any air leaking out? Matt
  2. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    The big thing people thikn is they need snap in a scope and if it doesn't do it the scope is no good. Snap means -swearword- all, it can be the snappiest scope out there but if the snap moves places, unless you know your scope it don't mean a thing. Matt
  3. Lol Holly, yup but such is life. Been a good old day, had day off from my 9-5 job (had to speak to a few people about shooting related matters but thats not really work is it?!?), went out for dinner with the wife now got home after a few drinks time to settle in front of the PC for a short while before watching a movie. Matt
  4. Not 100% sure on what I'm shooting this year, kahles scope for definite but rifle? Matt
  5. Anschutz 9015 stock options

    It's taken a lot of talking with Anschutz and I also discussed it with them at the British shooting show and subsequent emails after the show. They have now agreed to do it. I have no idea on pricing as of yet, as the person responsible for them is off to the IWA show, hopefully when he returns the pricing will be set and UK dealers will be made aware of the options available to them. Matt
  6. Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Oh a further update the factory 12ftlb 9015 can be ordered in action only or any of the existing 10m stock options p.o.a. Matt
  7. So those who have been using the kahles scope, I just wondered what your findings are with it, with regards temperature Sensitivity. Interested in real world findings against other scopes. This all helps in developing new products. Matt
  8. Anschutz 9015 stock options

    If anyone is wanting one of these stocks I have a limited number available to buy. No idea on cost yet, won't be cheap, but will be last available. Matt
  9. Napier Pellet Lube ?

    Holly, I think you'll only get conclusive proof on a flat calm day. I always remember Calpin trying it for the first time, gave him some at the British masters, didn't clean his barrel or anything...won the British masters shoot. He just said he couldn't say it helped but couldn't say it didn't help?!? Matt
  10. Napier Pellet Lube ?

    When I was trade liaison officer I helped reintroduce the pellet lube to ft along with Napier, I gave a load away to amongst others James Woodhead and Terry ord who tried it at bisley on some ranges off the bench. The conclusion was it did improve the group's, marginally size wise, also consistently. I never had a decent indoor range to test this out but has no reason to doubt what they said. Matt
  11. Anschutz 9015 stock options

    There's something we are working on with Jon at the moment, hopefully details announced soon. Matt
  12. Anschutz 9015 stock options

    It is currently available without a stock. Precise stock was a superb stock but am not sure they'll go back to it. Matt
  13. Potentially looking at offering the 12ftlb 9015 rifle in different stock options, so what would you like to see? Matt
  14. Standing Training

    Holly, Me, Ian Taylor and Chris Smith used to play on the spinners at 45 yards, they went down to around 8mm I think, once you make the effort its surprising how stupidly small targets you can go for even out to extreme ranges. Matt