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  1. Did you actually read my post...............take the little number away from the big number.................that’s what’s left.
  2. Last year SEFTA income from the various shoots was £1546, we spent £1458 of that on trophies, badges, Inters clothing/hats and shoot fees for the Inters weekend. That doesn’t leave much change for things like replacing radios, Chrono, etc. Things have changed since your time, not sure where you found £750 for Inters clothing, that’s half the income and shoot fees haven’t gone up since your time.
  3. Did I miss something, when did Holly get voted back into the SEFTA committee, I thought he had retired to the Isle of Pensioners.
  4. Tartan

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    I think Kent kicked butt today, mixed it up in the team rankings, well done all.
  5. Tartan

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    There was a 39ex40, from Ossie though
  6. Tartan

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    .........already thinking about shot analysis stat for z shaped reducer target in tower, will it achieve the highest miss rate of the season, or has evil Steve turned over a new leaf🤪
  7. Tartan

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    You can find the results for round 1 on STB or SEFTA web site. Top shot today was Dan on a 38ex40, with Ian Challis on 37 and Andrew Shead on 36. I do do believe we also saw an in form Siy-co show up today with a 33
  8. Tartan

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    (You had to be there!)
  9. Tartan

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    Guess I’ll be safe walking in the field at Kent then without the mad man rallycrossing his way out.
  10. Tartan

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    No doubt, soon as you mention Chrono in a post you can almost guarantee 14 pages of dribble. At least as far as SEFTA is confirmed this will be the first year we attempt to have the same Chrono at every event available to be used by all shooters prior to the event and then used on the course to register and record a legal shot. It’s also going to be calibrated against a LabRadar prior to use.
  11. Tartan

    Essex 50

    I spoke to Gary, Jason and Paul on Sunday, its definitely still going ahead and trust me you will want to shoot the new course, looks really good with a lot of new lanes never shot before. Even Holly would enjoy it if he could be persuaded to leave the rock.
  12. Tartan

    Essex 50

    Yes, 7th Oct at ETL, post on SEFTA forum......you commented on it!
  13. Tartan

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    Nice work Col, so much better than the old ones, roll on October, let battle commence
  14. Tartan

    Anschutz Andy....

    When I spoke to him not sure he was convinced to switch, expect to see the Steyr back soon