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  1. Need help with BSF Junior .177

    Try John Goenewold in Mundellin Illinois, he is a top man for classic/vintage stuff. Pete.
  2. Mysterious Holes

    Yes Chris, ask me how I know this.?.....lol. Pete.
  3. Mysterious Holes

    Definately caused by a ball bearing, not necessarily a .177bb. Possibly the bb that acts as a detent for the loading tap index plate. Pete.
  4. Gamo CF20

    Dave, I have worked on a lot of airguns over the years but that is one I am not familiar with, sorry. I do believe that this trigger unit is fitted to other makes of air rifle. Try googling 'Gamo cf trigger problems' , you should get some answers. Pete.
  5. 1911 A1 colt government not firing properly

    Almost certainly a worn cylinder pawl and /or pawl spring. I could fix it but I am not near you. Try your local dealer for his repair service. Pete.
  6. Joebob, I forgot to mention....as you are in Illinois, for spares or repairs you should speak to John Groenewold. He is J G Airguns, based in Mundelein,IL. Phone 847.566.2365. Pete.
  7. Joebob, It is most likely that the seals need replacing aftef that length of time. That is the pump seal and all the seals in the valve unit. Before you go down that route though, have you tried a little lube.? Have a look on Crosmans web site, they have pdf owners manuals and spare parts lists for their older models that you can download for free. Pete.
  8. Xs79

    Hi, You can fit larger re-fillable co2 paintball bottles with a sutable adapter.lots of info on the uk chinese airgun forum. Pete.
  9. Sheridan Spears

    Chambers have some spares. Look under Sheridan not crosman. Failing that Crooked Barn in the states. Pete.
  10. Xs78 (Damaged?) Hammer Spring

    Bryn, You may be able to sell them over on the uk chinese airgun forum. Pete.
  11. Winchester M14 CO2 .177 HELP

    This is not a rifle we will see As this is not a rifle we see over here your best option is to ask the dealer you bought ig from. Pete.
  12. gas ram

    I would not recommend fitting a gas ram to a meteor, as gas rams can be very hard on cocking linkages and sears. The meteor is of lightweight construction and will soon break if you go ahead. It sounds as though your meteor needs a new mainspring and a full service. Properly done you should see power levels of 9.5-10 ft.lbs. muzzle energy and a smooth cocking and firing cycle. Pete.
  13. Weihrauch HW35 new Piston

    Have you tried T.W.CHAMBERS website. Pete.
  14. identification please

    To me they look more like parts from firearms or shotguns, but not sure what they are off. Pete.
  15. Westlake B2

    Gary, Go and lie down in a darkened room until the feeling passses. Pete.