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  1. grimlama

    benjamin marauder .22 cal?

    I'm in the US, south Georgia to be exact...I bought one in 22 caliber a couple weeks ago and I love it...Thing shoots like a laser and I haven't turned it all the way up, but 18 gn JSB's at 950fps is really impressive to me...Don't think it'll do a lot more, but good Lord! Shot it some with co2 and best fps was about 650...with the velocity turned up... You can turn it down with hpa or co2 and get LOTS of shots on a fill. The way mine is set is just turned up a little from factory and I"m getting 30 good shots with the 18 gn JSB's... last shot when checked was I believe 760...that's shot number 30... You can adjust it up or down, however fast or slow you want...Don't know how that'll go where you live, but overall I like this gun for the money...Looks good, shoots great and I'm now hooked on PCP.
  2. Good information. Thanks for posting it. It's been a long time since I had any professional instruction, but this brings back memories and it's good to have info!