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  1. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Happy New Year to all "the Marksmen". I trust this year will be another good one for the club and members. Brian Tonks has also taken on the responsibility of club Social Secretary, well done Brian, if you've got any "great ideas" then seek him out on a club night. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The details for the return match against Redhill Revolvers have now been confirmed, details below, please do try and attend, shooting and non-shooting members are welcome. Time: Sunday 25th...7pm start for the competition, practice from 6.30 onwards. Venue: The Queen Victoria, 76 High Street, Syston, Leicester. LE7 1GQ Paul Clarke, RR's Competition Secretary, has provided the following information: "You can either enter through the main entrance of the pub and walk through to the separate restaurant building at the back, or alternatively enter via the gates on the left hand side of the pub. There is a car park situated on right hand side of the pub We will of course be laying on food for the evening which I believe will be a cold buffet (sandwiches, crisps, porkpie etc)..." The mention of "pie" should be enough to ensure a good turnout.
  2. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Special order for the Baron... Christmas word association. Santa's little helper......stuffing..... There'll be a nice new bell target to shoot in the New Year, first night being Thursday the 8th. Happy Christmas all
  3. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Seconded, John's work has been fundamental to setting up the club and is much appreciated by all, along with all the other assistance and technical knowledge he's shared with just about every club member at some point. Hope everyone has a good break and manages to overindulge with some style. See you all in the New Year ready to ring some bells... ... in the meantime Santa seems to left one of his little helpers at mine... early Christmas present?
  4. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Last Club night of the year tomorrow. There will be ... ...Mince Pies! Yum.
  5. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Can't imagine why you'd need armour... ... here's a link to the AGM thread http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?723873-Melbourne-Marksmen-AGM If you can confirm the start time I'll add that to the thread. Ta
  6. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Yes. However, you may have made an assumption regarding the "virgins". Image here > http://tinyurl.com/n3tr7ej Nice and consistent then from week to week! ...However, given the special hydration regime that's some pretty fancy shootin'. [i'll find and bump the AGM thread on the bbs today and tomorrow as a reminder to the troops].
  7. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    That made me feel a little bit queasy Target modifications are nearly complete. Magnetic retainer bar constructed, magnets epoxied into place, various holes drilled, backboard cut and "decorated". Went to B&Q to get a couple of brackets to hang it from. Just needs bolting together and then I'll give it a test run at various powers to check function - fingers crossed. I'll have a few nick nacks to sell at the club this week (after the AGM of course): -5 tins of the wunderpellets mentionned above -2x vintage leather rifle slings - HW 77/97 underlever cocking aid.
  8. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Already bought it, but before I delve into my magnet supply and start drilling holes in it I thought it prudent to ask! I'm sure the nice folk at Solware would have refunded me otherwise... top shop with great service.
  9. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    I'll be there, we could nominate a group to set up the range each week ... now who would that suit? Went to Solware yesterday, they had one of the biathlon targets in stock this time. I did mention it to you before MM but before I start modifying it thought I'd better check that you/da club still want one. Won't be expensive, about £25 all in?
  10. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    This won't end well! I'm going to put my headphones on and pretend I didn't see/hear anything...
  11. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    I have the answer to all your problems and prayers. You NEED some Elite BELL-ets. Click the pic. These amazing pellets will virtually guarantee success at 6 yard bell target shooting. NASA designed to steer the pellet unerringly into the ding-dong zone of a Bell Target. Fortuitiously this head shape also makes it virtually impossible to load incorrectly. [During extensive development testing a team of sausage fingered myopics were used to verify this characteristic]. In the interests of improving your shooting I'll offer these to club members at a price well below the £20 you suggest, £3?? and watch the records tumble! [All claims are unverified and made up-like most airgun advertising]
  12. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Did it shoot straight? I lost interest at "loading tap" ...the worst method ever devised to get a pellet into a barrel? But to answer your question, no I didn't see it. Given some of the stocks you've got it must have been pretty to draw such admiration. Nice to be back shooting, a bit rusty to start off with. Eventually I remembered that I'd adjusted my sights for a different pellet last time I shot, correcting that helped! See you for the AGM on the 6th.
  13. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Jean's very organised... I'm jealous Nice to see everyone last night, and some keen new faces getting stuck in.
  14. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Photos posted on the main thread >LINKY<
  15. Re.Melbourne R.B.L. Marksmen (Belltarget) Club.

    Are you sure? They do say the first thing that goes with age is your.......... ...memory.