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    Haenel Model 302

    Hi, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice on my Haenel model 302 which I have owned from new. it was a birthday present when I was about 14 back in the 70's, and has sat in the garage for years. I reecently uncovered it, cleaned it up a bit, and to my amazement I have found it to work well. It seems to have good range on it and I recall it was very accurate up to about 30-40 feet. Well it must be eyesight because the accuracy I recall in my childhood has gone! My first question is regarding telescopic sights, is there a known source of sights for this model or is it possible to fit any generic sight? Also should I conduct and maintenace on the rifle such as cleanig the internal mechanism? Are the old lead pellets I retained with the rifle stii good for general target shooting, or should I obtain other types of pellets? Many thanks in advance for any help, Kevin