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  1. paul yates

    Temperature Sensitivity of the kahles FT scope

    Comparing mine to the leupold 20x50 its far easier to use , i set it up when it waa much warmer than it is right now and checking it on the plinking range it still ranges exactly as it did when i set it up, so i would say it hasnt moved at all. I find it that easy to use and have total confidence that it wont move, that i am getting another to put on my spare gun
  2. paul yates

    Back to basics

    Really want to say take up golf, but will behave. precise stock it adjusts tons. Will fit much better. But seeing as how I am behaving, do What you did today, when i taught new line leaders at work i then got them to teach me, you learn so much this way, you said it your self helping me made you think, about what you were doing.oh and have too many kahles you need to give one to me cos mine is lonely