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  1. blind dog

    BASC Press Release, Peterlee Shootings

    That is exactly what I was talking about. The agenda, that is. And the more stunts they pull, the greater danger of insurrection there is. But then the ruling class in the UK as well as the US were never the sharpest pencils in the box. With a silver-spoon birthright, and no avenue for failure, there isn't really much opportunity for those inbred goombas to develop logic. Brother, I am 47 years old and wouldn't mind being 67 because I know just how you feel. Happy new year to you, too. -Rob
  2. blind dog

    BASC Press Release, Peterlee Shootings

    I find it interesting that some countries with the stricter gun laws have the highest murder rates (Mexico), and others where the opposite is true (Switzerland). And it occurs to me that those with a secret agenda who wish to disarm its untrustwoirthy children...er...citizens...use the words "to reduce gun violence" or words to that effect. If there were no guns (as if that were possible), there would be no gun violence, that's true. But it doesn't mean you would be safer. I guess they don't care about the body count as long as fewer are done by shooting. I don't buy it. In the USA, anyway, they (the anti-gun people) have access to all the same public records and statistics as the NRA, and therefore it is impossible for them to not know that they are doing no good at best, or else making things worse. And this begs the question of what they are really trying to accomplish, doesn't it?
  3. blind dog

    GUN CARE .

    I always understood a person only needs to clean an airgun barrel when accuracy falls off, like not very often, just oil a little to prevent rust? But if it works for you, then maybe I've been told wrong.
  4. blind dog

    Doubling up comp cards

    +1 to Just Jacques. It can't be right to score it that way.
  5. I just shoot whatever I feel like regardless of season, but I certainly agree that there's no point in leaving one or the other setups locked away...so whatever reason you choose, get that thing out and let fly.