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  1. Sixth and final round of the 2012 Field Target Cup - Curitiba / Campo Largo. Held on December 9, 2012, the video shows a little bit of competition and awards. Also shows my broken windshield . Tks Cassius .
  2. Day 07/22/2012 was the 4th round of 2012 FT Cup Curitiba - Campo Largo. This video shows a bit of the place, people and awards. Tks.
  3. Here we show a little as the 3rd round Cutitiba Cup 2012 - Wide Field Target Field. It rained heavily during the afternoon messing up the shooters, but despite the cold and rain the event was a success. Hope you enjoy the video, I would have filmed more people shooting, but had no time, I will try the next step. As always if you like, subscribe to our channel. Big hug.
  4. Video tutorial showing the replacement of the o-ring of the second stage of the Hatsan pump, which is used for refilling pcp air guns. I hope this is helpful. Please do not forget those who like to click on like and subscribe to the channel. Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, audio in portuguese, but u can check how is our competition here. I promess next videos with subtitles in english. As usual, pls subscribe the channel. Tks