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  1. blueboy_123

    Sportsmatch Gc2 Mk3

    Hi Jon when you measure grove depth, the one nearest the bolt end is 22.42, other end nearest to air chamber is 23.2, that is half a mil difference, that is why you cannot get an o,ring on, I cannot see any reason for that, think someone made a mistake with machining.
  2. blueboy_123

    Sportsmatch Gc2 Mk3

    Hi good to see people getting involved in thread, when you look at the bleed valve screw on end of valve, there is no way of adjusting it, I wonder if there are different lengths of bolts, to time the amount of air travelling down screw, into the chamber. Possibly the MK1&2, did have an adjustable bleed screw. Someone may know. What I cannot understand is why the air chamber valve on my rifle was machined, the o.Ring grove closest to the filling end is not as deep, and same depth as the rest. You can put a smaller diameter one in but then it is allowed to slide along the grove, unless my one was a friday afternoon one, and was missed in the checking process. Anyone have any ideas. Blue
  3. blueboy_123

    Sportsmatch Gc2 Mk3

    Hi Jon thanks for that, must be the later regs do not need to be set up, also can you check your later one, The grove that is nearest to the air cylinder is not the same it must have a different size o,ring on to the other 3. blue.
  4. blueboy_123

    Sportsmatch Gc2 Mk3

    Hi I have a MK3 GC2, What I would like to know if the MK3 valve, only has two allen head screws fitted, all the ones I have seen off the MK 1&2, have 4 allen head screws fitted. Also on the end where it is adjusted to meter the volume of air into the chamber, on mine it cannot be adjusted, no adjustment at all, so makes me think this valve is an after market set up. If anyone has any info regarding the difference would be great, I know I can contact sportsmatch which I can after the holidays just thought I would through this thread open, cheers blue.