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  1. Falcon


    When my renewal was due not so long ago they posted me a temporary permit, what a waste of time and paper, they sent me paperwork with all my shotguns on and I noticed an anomaly, so when we had the telephone interview I told them they had me down for a Beretta, they asked when did I dispose of it I said 4 years ago. I don't think they have the manpower,trying like a good many establishments running on a shoe string. Air gun licencing would be a nightmare there must be thousands out there.
  2. Falcon


    If you live in the Midlands I have just read that our very own Police commissioner, Mr. David Jamieson, has put it out there that in his opinion the price that we pay for Grant's and renewals for our licence's is not acceptable. He has hinted that it should be another £38 or so, and he goes on to say why should the police subsidise shooters. In my opinion I feel that as we paid an increase not so long ago, it's fair and just to leave well alone. I mentioned before on this site that the initial Grant of a licence is when the main background check's and footwork are carried out, that may warrant an increase, but I fail to see the logic in saying that Renewals are causing the police a headache, when all checks are already in place with flag's picking up any anomalies, shouldn't it then just be a click of the button? We managed before we had a Commissioner, maybe if we made him redundant we could fund at least another couple of bobbies on the beat. Bob
  3. Falcon


    I only shoot the pesky grey's in the garden now with the air rifle, I sold my .22 rimfire a couple of years ago and I shoot clays at Wedgenock (Warwick) the eyes are not so clever these day's. I like the banter on this forum Stan keep it up. ATB Bob
  4. Falcon


    Hi Lads I know nothing about FT etc. but first off best wishes to Grandad, I am just plinking these days ( can't touch you for that ) and just dip into this forum and see the chat that goes on and have to say it certainly makes me chuckle that you lads have with one another. I hope its not too early to wish all members a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year for 2018 Dave has said he is thinking of closing this site down on or around the 16th Dec if he couldn't pass the reins to someone else, I really hope this wouldn't be the case as Dave and the team have done a sterling job and have helped me on different matters there must be someone out there that has the ability and knowhow? Many thanks Dave and the team for all your hard work it doesn't go unnoticed. Bob
  5. Falcon

    The Small Print ?

    We had our insurance renewal through from the bank, thinking we would get a good deal but was shocked for the amount just short of £400 for buildings and contents so I did a bit of scouting, and ended up with a broker who did all the graft of sifting through different insurances he told me that it would be the "norm" for banks to charge that amount. I ended up with a major player paying £170 and that included personal liability........Bob
  6. I am sure you could pay anything for a maintenance holder Matt, but if you intend to carry it around at events it would make sense to have a fairly light one, not too bulky. I had one for a birthday/christmas present its a wooden one with two drawers full of mops and jags etc. I haven't come across one the same and I have had this one for a number of years and I must say it does everything from shotguns,rifles,down to air rifles/pistols. I gave up competition rifle shooting a few years ago and only do clays and air rifles (PLINKING) now. Bob
  7. Falcon

    Spring gun tuning service

    Hi lads I don't shoot for any club or competition, only shoot in my back garden plinking or those pesky grey squirrel's, but love the banter between you guys. It makes the day a little lighter, rather than listen to the doom and gloom on the radio/tv keep it up. If its not too early I wish you all a very merry christmas and happy and healthy new year. Bob
  8. I read with interest the FAQ about the licensing, and while they were (quick to publish!!!) the fee's to obtain a permit/grant a license they failed to tell the poor people up in Scotland how long the license will last. Another reason perhaps why they should really look at what they are asking the police do, there are obviously thousands of air rifles old and new out there how possibly are they going to police it. I for one at the moment are glad I live where I do.
  9. I really can't understand Scotlands stance on Airgun Licensing, I have read the FAQ and if I have understood it correctly you still have to have a Licence if you have a Firearms/Shotgun Licence. I wonder if they could give me a senario where I can have my Firearms/Shotgun Licence and be denied an Airgun Licence? It makes no sense apart from drumming up more money spinning idea's and putting the police under more pressure. Bob
  10. I am suprised at Scotland pushing for the licensing of Air weapons as we are all aware how on earth would they police a thing like that on that magnitude there must be thousands of air weapons out there. I suppose the next thing they will be trying to license is knives apart that is, from a butter knife. Bob
  11. Frightning though for an old codger like me!!! I much prefer the old world.
  12. Falcon

    This guy is just pure gold...

    Roy Rogers wouldn't have done that!!!
  13. I think this is fair Dave, we had these ridiculous suggestions of putting the fee up to silly money, I recall on this forum that I said that the hardest part of the granting of the shotgun/firearms certificates was the ground work that the police had to do to find out if there were any infringements of the law to the applicant. Thereafter surely it became an administrive job. ATB Bob (falcon)
  14. Falcon

    Stocks and fore end

    Hi all I wondered if any of you good folk out there could advise me of finishing my stock and fore end, I have had the dinks and donks taken out and rubbed the conditioner oil in and waited patiently for it to dry. I had been told it may take a few days dependent on the weather and to let it dry naturally, well over a week later and it still feels as if it could do with a little help with artificial heat would this do any harm in the finishing process as I would like to put a varnish on to it complete the process. Thanks in anticipation. Atb falcon