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  1. gpj

    SEFTA Winter League Rnd.4 at ETL....

    With you on that one Gary, one of the things I love most about FT is the welcome you get wherever you go. Oh and the banter, the day they ban that will be the day I retire.
  2. gpj

    SEFTA Winter League Rnd.4 at ETL....

    Just pondering on where to put the course for this one. We haven't used the open side for a while so maybe a nice Winter League course out there would be popular.... or maybe not. Been looking at other options in the woods, we will see. What it will have is something for everyone and hopefully enjoyable for all.
  3. gpj

    Airgunforum, what future?

    See you got sucked in Monty, off topic Seriously though, I think your comments are valid and you are getting people thinking about where to go with this forum so that's good. For me I have offered to help support financially and help with moderation, I have never been involved in running a forum so that's as much as I can offer, with the amount of offers to support financially can't see it costing a great deal per year. Take your point about it being mostly a small number of people chatting about cake mostly, hence I don't post very often, not keen on cake, don't have a large selection of hammers, will confess to owning superglue (will have Holly and Neil after me now) but mostly I like the laid back feel of the forum and believe it has it's place in our world. I would not want to see it disappear it offers something other forums do not, I don't frequent BBS, have looked, the feel of it is not for me, I do use STB for serious information and tech and calendar events it's an excellent forum. So really I visit here to see how bored Holly is on any given day, what's his latest invention, what he fixed today who he's going to beat next week and read the banter around mostly Sefta comps. If it's serious tech info or something else then I look elsewhere.
  4. Yep, I've currently got in bits and have got my special fixing hammer ready to go. Has Holly loaned it to you Steve?
  5. gpj

    Csfta Bisley winter league

    Hat's off to you sir, very good shooting. And you took all positional's standing. Keep it up, look forward to seeing you at the regional's at Anston next year.
  6. gpj

    Airgunforum, what future?

    You can count on me for financial support as well, depending on having enough time I might be able to help with moderation as well.
  7. gpj

    SEFTA Winter League round 2 - Iceni....

    No you won't be torn to bit's Keith, I said after last years Winter League we was setting courses that are GP standard for Winter League, this is not's what it's all about. I hope clubs will take notice, a Winter League course should have something for everyone. Happy to discuss personally with anyone who want's to understand how to set a course out that caters for all but is still a challenge for the better shots.
  8. gpj


    It's a new record, post No 16 and we are still talking about the thread topic.
  9. gpj

    its AGM season ?

    Its the BFTA Regions cast the vote or should do after asking their Clubs and club members theyre supposed to serve. That's how it's done in SEFTA Jon. Agenda distributed to all clubs, they are asked to discuss the proposals and collate and feed back to me. That way we make sure that I vote on behalf of the region and not my own view, only way to do it.
  10. gpj

    SEFTA Winter League 2017-18....

    Well done and thanks to all at Kent who put on today's shoot. Usual tricky Kent wind to start with moving to downright evil wind, well done to Dave Hat on top score. Good to see a healthy turnout with some new faces. Look forward to next round at Iceni.
  11. Full results. Congratulations to Nathan, superb shooting and won for the second time, he also won it in 2007. Congratulations to all the other trophy winners and thanks all for coming along and taking part. Pos Name Grade Club BFTA No Score 1 Nathan Reeve AA Hereward 80240 47 2 Neil Hague AA Redferns 42034 46 3 Reg Gallagher AA Anston 42445 46 4 Steve Carter AA Iceni 70721 45 5 Dave Croucher AA Kent Woodsmen 70145 42 6 Simon Pattle AA ETL 70532 42 7 Keith Allen AA ETL 70103 41 8 John Chopping AA Kent Woodsmen 71139 40 Pos Name Grade Club BFTA No Score 1 Richard Osbourne A Springfield 71222 44 2 Andy Shead A Iceni 71279 42 3 David Elvin A Broadlands 81226 41 4 Helen Carragher A Mid-Shires 80840 41 5 Andy Pearson A Mid-Shires 80997 40 6 Nat Shead A Iceni 71254 40 7 Peter J Edwards A Springfield 71164 40 8 Dave Purcell A Beechwood 71199 39 9 Barry McDonald A Springfield 70756 38 10 Andy Mason A Springfield 71242 38 11 Colin Eaton A ETL 70121 38 12 Gary Keogh A ETL 71200 38 13 Graham Jopson A ETL 71275 37 14 Jacob Kay A Broadlands 81377 37 15 Phil Lawrence A Springfield 70689 33 Pos Name Grade Club BFTA No Score 1 Neil Dibben B Kent Woodsmen 71304 42 2 Martin Calpin B Anston 42424 41 3 Dave O'Connor B Springfield 70769 38 4 John Kearey B ETL 70132 38 5 Phil Green B Anston 41847 37 6 John Walker B Springfield 70429 36 7 Leann Mason B Springfield 71255 36 8 John Lloyd B Iceni 70727 35 9 Peter T Edwards B Springfield 71209 34 10 Paul Gallagher B Anston 42447 33 11 Harry Farrow B ETL 71296 33 12 Peter Stickings B ETL 71286 32 13 Andy Kettlety B ETL 71294 31 14 Alison Mansfield B Lea Valley 80643 30 Pos Name Grade Club BFTA No Score 1 Adrian Coe C ETL 70982 35 2 Gordon Eley C Kent Woodsmen 70032 33 3 Paul Ross C ETL 71318 30 4 Trevor Townsend C ETL 71317 27 5 Dave Mansfield C Lea Valley 80154 27 6 John New C ETL 71298 24 7 Tony Sultana C Kent Woodsmen 70051 21
  12. gpj

    Kneeling Rolls

    In B grade Stan, keep telling him he is going to find it a tad tougher in A.
  13. I bet that was a very quiet ride home... We did threaten Harry with removing rifle fitting a left handed stock and putting his dad in the Winter League team.