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  1. dave o

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas holly, hope it's a good one.
  2. dave o

    Bfta championship

    Don't think you will be kicking my ass holy, just got out of hospital had a bad appendicitis which peritonitis. Been on 3 drips of antibiotics and pain killers for 4 days.been told no heavy lifting for 8 weeks, can't see me getting up and down off my bean bag. Will pop down there to see you.
  3. dave o

    HOW OLD ?

    Happy birthday Holly have good one mate.
  4. dave o

    Kent Open 2015

    Looks like we will have to come off at j8 onto the A20
  5. dave o

    Iceni Sunday?

    many thanks to dave hat for towing my car out today, cheers mate
  6. dave o

    FTP900 a quick overview

    I'm in, no white fivers holly.
  7. dave o

    Mr Shutz

    This glass stag is a bit like a unicorn, lots of talk about it but no ones actually seen it.
  8. dave o

    Holly's Birthday .

    Happy birthday mate. might send you one of my big BSA as a present , you need all the help you can get.
  9. dave o


    If you are getting one holy make sure it's LED
  10. dave o


    Such sad news, why is that shi-t seems to happen to the good guys. will be thinking of them.
  11. dave o

    Leupold zoom lever from rowan .

    I don't think there is any thing on your guns that could be classed as well fitting, its glued on or taped on.
  12. dave o

    Iceni WL

    For the second week running I was the only member of my team to turn up . note to self must change my deodorant.