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  1. plotter


    i have a qb78 up to 10.6 co2 and an edgar bros springer model 75 not chronod??? for winter shooting
  2. plotter


    will do, like i said if i aint good enough to bunnys ill keep practicing, and i wont be going out for them until i am... i am a dab hand at rats at 20 ft though lol
  3. plotter


    last week after tweaking my scope i was shooting two inch square pieces of wood constantly at 77 foot. today |?? i couldnt hit one, well i did but not the one i was aiming at. after about 15 mins it started to come and i was hitting them again. does it take everyone a good few shots to settle down or is it just me? problem is i want to go out hunting, but with the misses i had today i need alot more practice to hit the target first time or i just wont bother....