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  1. lol moore


    присоединяйтесь к форуму или уйдите от троллей there you go 😉
  2. lol moore

    Springfield GP

    The Steyr LG is a good candidate for bull-pupping without adding kilos of laminate, the new challenge chassis would be even better with its full length top rail: https://goo.gl/photos/qAjSMsMksK7nRdHe7
  3. lol moore


    I have used the fluffy part of some adhesive backed Velcro - I suppose that's just a modern twist on felt Fit it with the cylinder fully charged, not that they "stretch" much.
  4. lol moore

    Sure Shot .

    Holly, I got a couple of those PAX barrels, would have to check the exact dimensions but the PAX direct into the Steyr chassis is sloppy fit by about 0.3mm and vibrated in mine too. I had to sleeve it up to be a snug fit which cured the vibration. Don't know which Steyr chassis you have but the later LG100 and all 110 have two screws holding the barrel, these are fitted with 5 or 6mm long grub screws, to my mind too short you can get 8mm ones in there to use all the thread for security. Worse still are the original Mannlicher chassis that have a single screw. As an experiment try a single piece of electrical PVC tape along the bottom of the barrel where it fits in the chassis see if this helps with the vibration, no good long term but may point to your vibration problem.
  5. lol moore

    Back to basics

    I went through that process with Gary Cane about 5 years ago, I visited and we talked, he measured some bits, he then produced a stock that was a thing of beauty, I went for a final fitting before it was finished during which he did a bit of fettling, he then finished it and delivered it to me. It initially did feel "nice" but as I got to learn the rifle I wanted small changes....not easy with a beutifully finished lump of laminate....I eventually fell out with it and since have always had mechanical stocks. The chances of a wood stock being absolutely right first time I think are slim, surely better for a stock to be made close to what you want but with some element of adjustment for those tweeks you learn you need as you shoot it. Now a stock with an anatomical movable thumb up grip, a cheek and butt pad adjustable in all planes and an adjustable cast that would be a thing to behold......guess what I have just got Surely having a stock you can adjust to you and your changing anatomy/style is better than you trying to adjust to a stock.
  6. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Yes Jon, ignore me, as Rob says "insignificant".....we really are not worthy.
  7. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Jon I was being flippant about the barrel (not like me), I would hope Anschutz fit quality barrels....I hope On the pressure gauge its more likey to have a percentage of indicated value error rather than 8barg across its range....unless at atmospheric it reads 8barg then it could be 8barg across the range....I have precision digital gauge calibrators if you want me to check it Either way 47barg to get 800ft/s is impressive.....unless you were shooting a VFG felt
  8. lol moore

    thermometers !

    No good if your phone is in your pocket, next to your nuts , do you attach your phone to your rifle I am guessing if you need to know the temperature to establish the point at which scopes "shift" then the actual temperature is not important as long as you know the device you are using to measure it is the one you used to establish shift point....could be reading 14 bananas By the way, I dont shoot FT
  9. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Dont forget the barrel from Phil... Rob, why don't you just say what you are thinking
  10. lol moore


    You don't have a sense of humour.
  11. lol moore


    I know my place.....
  12. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Well done that man
  13. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    Matt So have they made physical changes to make this happen or has it, as I suspect, that the action has always been a direct fit into the various stocks? The reason I ask is I tried hard to get the 12ftlb in the BASIC stock and was repeatedly told it was not possible, felt like I was being fobbed off...they just couldn't be bothered.
  14. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    20mm OD is the max (maybe 21mm but no tube easy to find) for a shroud any more and the machining required at the forend would break through into the void housing the air tube. Could maybe do 22mm fitted eccentric to barrel? LG100 easier than LG110 due to O ring in later. I did consider and still may do a 20mm square shroud to give more volume..cool Square tube
  15. lol moore

    Anschutz 9015 stock options

    The barrel is full size 16mm, the shroud is 20mm OD, 18mm ID the front support of the stock has to be machined. I too like (liked....) pups and indeed semi pups, shot the last couple of years HFT with the Steyr semi pup, my conclusion is no difference prone, good for kneelers, useless for standers, probably needed some more weight? Steyr pup Steyr semi pup I have settled on full size Steyr for now and enjoying shooting it Current tool Maybe a new thread....this one is about stocks for the 9015...