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  1. Stainless Steel Barrels

    Machined a new LW barrel for one of my Steyrs today finishing the breech got me curious about pellet skirt upsizing again. Spent an hour with a quickly botched tube/ballbearing belt tension checker to give consitant pressure expanding some skirts nothing massively deep or scientific but the interesting thing was trying the pellets in three different rifles gave different velocity results. All three rifles are set to 780 ish, all three have different lead in shape, two tight ish, one loose, with all three when an unexpanded pellet is loaded flush and a torch put at the breech light could clearly be seen through the grooves, with the expanded pellets no light could be seen in any, no surprises there. The two tight barrels velocity dropped by 30, with the loose barrel the velocity rose by 20 ?
  2. Stainless Steel Barrels

    Interesting read and FT blog too: Connecticut custom airguns
  3. Stainless Steel Barrels

    Yes the air pushes the skirt into the grooves but the question is does it introduce a variable, slightly deformed/oval skirt lets some air pass as the skirt is ballooned out, whereas a perfect skirt lets some air pass but if all skirts are the same the same amount of air passes each shot. I tried sizing the heads and by definition the skirts in the normal way, then I flared the skirts a little so as the pellet was inserted in the breech the head sat on the lands but the skirt was now already filling the grooves, in theory there should be some mileage in it but I didn't give the test enough time - maybe this summer?
  4. Stainless Steel Barrels

    Jon, the list is the current one and has Stainless barrels at the bottom. Whats interesting are the dimensions inside, 4.62mm in the grooves, 4.46mm on the lands...in theory would leave space around a pellet skirt but support the head. I did try sizing pellets skirts upwards with a ball bearing, instead of downwards with a traditional sizer a few years ago, but didnt really give the trial enough time , although did see a small energy increase. One for the summer maybe?
  5. Stainless Steel Barrels

    I think the coated ones that caused all the issues were Nickle plated, it seems the plating would gradually and randomly sluff off I little pieces When you say "lighter barrels" do you mean smaller diameter?
  6. Stainless Steel Barrels

    Jon as you said on the Scope thread - why we talking about barrels, so thought I would start a new thread. Often wondered if the Steyr Barley twists are Stainless, they certainly appear to be high chromium and do look like they have had some form of heat treatment? They definitely don't rust in the same way as some other barrels do that I have owned, they are magnetic, so could be Ferritic Stainless, but Ferritics cannot be heat hardened or maybe its Martensitic which can be hardened, who knows? On the rust front the unknown barrel I mentioned earlier suffers from rust, cleaning always give rusty deposits (tested and it is Iron containing), it likes a couple of VFG after every shoot but I have found just VFG shoot throughs can lead to some rusting in a barrel, probably due to the condensation left after the last shot so I tend to do a final clean pull through also. I have noticed with my odd barrel if I clean it thoroughly then whilst leading in (say 20 shots in) if I put a VFG through it comes out black, takes 2-3 felts to get a clean one, but if after a clean I shoot until its properly leaded (say 50 shots) then put a VFG comes out clean, its like initially there is something else laid down before the lead takes hold? Anyway, LW do Stainless barrels but not seen one in the flesh: LW Barrels
  7. The Shutz Barrel

    These look to have been rodded through, I think the delivery of the air to the back of the pellet would not only effect the patterns shown here but puff out the back of the pellets differently too? Would be interesting to collect some of the same pellets, undamaged, shot from short/long springers and fast/slow PCP's to see if they give different pellet shapes - although I suppose checking downrange BC (muzzle/target velocities) would give some indication of a difference? Then there is rifling rate......
  8. The Shutz Barrel

    I had heard the "springers are better in the wind than PCP's" and so have been noting the scores at my local shoots (I complete a spreadsheet with my scores/conditions/missed shots - sad I know) looking into the springer class there does seem to be an improvement of percentage scores on windy days for the springer guys with a reduction for the PCP guys, it is a fairly small sample but looks like a trend? To add to the train of thought that the action has as much if not more effect on accuracy/precision/wind I have been messing with two Steyr rifles I have. I have a LG110 with the new hammer/spring design and an LG100 with the old hammer/spring, the 100 had a barley twist on it the 110 had a barrel of unknown make on - neither have barrel tuners fitted. This odd barrel is off an LG100 that John Sykes made (rifle sold) for a magazine article many years ago to try and produce "The ultimate hunting rifle", all I can say is its a 12mm diameter barrel completely sleeved in aluminium up to 16mm, its the best barrel I have ever owned but does seem to suffer from wind - or so I perceived. Recently the 110 began to throw a few all-over odd ones (I wont say flyers as some were high some were low and simplistically I associate flyers with high and/or sideways - barrel related, and low shots - action related so not flyers in my mind) so I did the usual barrel clean and action checks (cleanliness, polishing, reg checking) no change, about one odd shot per shoot. One thing I notice was the hammer was always filthy and badly marked even after a few hundred shots. Now I don't like the 110 action with the cocking lever slot all the way through it completely opens the hammer to the atmosphere (tried sealing one side with closed cell foam but looked awful) so I moved the odd barrel to the 100, it seemed to change the response of the old barrel completely - felt like it was taking less wind so I decided to try and check (should have done down range BC but didn't - maybe in the summer) have over 50 yards in my garden, it was a windy day so set target at 45 yards and shot several groups with the barrel on the 100, looked good and readable, quick as I could moved the barrel to the 110 and things definitely took a step change the wind taken now seemed to be unreadable and sometimes very little taken, sometimes loads and it was random. Not very scientific I know but all I have so far. Both actions are set to 750f/s with same pellets, both give around 5-10f/s variation on this, both action regs are working very well both set 85Barg and give within 1Bar variation consistantly (I rebuild my regs following all the good advice out there, clean, seal, lube polish Belleville faces.... and I check them as if in a shoot, i.e. tap the checker every few minutes for 30-50 shots, also check for creep). Actions have ame valve/spring, obviously the ports and plenum are the same, the only difference is the hammer/spring combination. I don't like the new hammer, it can rotate introducing differences and the spring bends when compressed - the good thing is external adjustment, but have fixed that. From a design perspective I prefer the old hammer as its easier to guide the spring, it doesn't rotate in the action and the sear drag is constant - so in the 100 I now have the old hammer/spring with spring guided and depinged with a PTFE sleeve, with all bearing surfaces polished (including the flat face to bolt pin one) but fitted with a modified external spring tension adjuster - best of all worlds :-) So the only difference I can see between these actions is the hammer/spring and concequent way the air is delivered, a long winded (see what I did there) way of saying I think the delivery of air from action IS as important to the overall performance as is the barrel. One thing I am looking forward to doing is strapping this good LG and my new Schutz side by side on my shooting bench and pulling the triggers at the same time, aimed at the same target, on a windy day.....coming soon.
  9. Scopes ?

    I shoot HFT and after 2 years have really got to know my scope for ranging. However, bracketing in most HFT comps I shoot is now next to useless as the targets are not standard Knockdowns as they used to be. Almost all the kills I see are none standard sized holes, many of the plates are reduced or increased sizes (usually keeping the same profile to trick you), the hinges are often obscured so that kill centre to hinge tops and the hinge width are not bracket-able. I believe most HFT guys now rely on reading blurr and parallax error for ranging - I do....although not sure about getting it to the nearest 2 yards
  10. Airgunforum, what future?

    So sad, I have been reading this forum (well this section) for years and would be sorry to see it all ended. As has already been pointed out the chat somewhat drifts off subject (usually cake?), probably due to the closeness of the small group who contribute, as has been said "like a pub chat", but when there is some technical input the guys inputting it seem to know their stuff, that is why I read it so regularly - and probably one of the reasons for not contributing was that it would have felt like butting into a group having a chat in the pub - but it didn't feel cliquey like some other forums can. I would like to thank Dave and all the other behind the scenes people who have made it this far, and I sincerely hope someone takes up the reins. I have several hobbies and try my best put something back into all of them (work parties, course setting, passing on what limited knowledge I have etc.) and I would love to help here but I have absolutely no idea what is involved in forums? I think Mad Mikes post was a little strong but may be a reflection of the strength of feeling, I am guessing he has put some time and effort in and cannot understand why no one is offering to help? ....have to say when I first read this notice I was tempted to volunteer just so I could throw Rob off.... ......joking.... Cheers mate...
  11. Kneeling Rolls

    I leave the diatribes to others ;-)
  12. Kneeling Rolls

    Absolutely, a red one ala James Stewart :-)
  13. Kneeling Rolls

    Rob, you really need to get out more - I am at Ford tomorrow, come along we can have a chat.
  14. Kneeling Rolls

    Nothing much more to say really, RobF insisted I responded or I would be banned for life from STB, I responded, he banned me. As I said a bully.
  15. Kneeling Rolls

    Rob I don't think you will find it so easy to bully people on this forum, especially without all your backup. Cheers mate...