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  1. reggiemental

    Air weapons in Scotland

    Aaah, that most wonderful 'Big Brother' enigma raises it's ugly head again. These types of political engineering are invariably after the horse has bolted. The same with the anti-gun lobby in America, how is that going to be enforced, policed, licensed 100% over time, without all the firearms currently owned, either legally or otherwise, being monitored. i recall the small arms ban in Britain a few years back. Gunsmiths went bust all over, the tooling went up for grabs, the skills better employed elsewhere, then, we get a vast influx of foreign arms imported for nefarious people to utilize in their illegal drive-by shootings, holdups, gang warfare etc etc, whilst the sensible, legally uncorrupted populace suffers as a result. I lost a small fortune turning my revolvers over to the law. It still rankles when the Civilian Police Agent arrives for his inspection of my shotguns and their housing, which, I hasten to add, is homemade to a far more secure status than the shop bought cabinets. How, he can pontificate about this and that, where I am to shoot the things, why I need the number I own, why this, why that... ??? Plus, the rather elitist method of getting a 'qualified' person to countersign photo's etc and the form, really gets me everytime. I am vastly more qualified than those I get to sign the stupid things anyway,but, we have to conform unfortunately, but....... come the day of the revolution, watch out is all I will say