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  1. sticko

    Anschutz stabiliser springs

    My workshop was a bit of Ames’s on the floor Colin believe me I have tried to find it literally a needle in a hay stack 😂
  2. sticko

    Anschutz stabiliser springs

    203 007139 3 Druckfeder 0,25 x 2,75 x 7 Pressure spring 0.25 x 2.75 x 7 this is the part number but not sure where to order from or who to contact
  3. sticko

    Anschutz stabiliser springs

    Cheers Matt they do seem to list as a part number
  4. Help needed after stripping down my anschutz 9003 stabiliser I have managed to lose 1 of the springs under the stabiliser collar (pinged out in my work shop never to be seen again ) so if anyone could point me in the right direction for 3 number replacement springs I would be eternally grateful many thanks Pete
  5. sticko

    Beechwood club league

    You sure are welcome at E T L. Any time Dave (if you can stand that much banter lol)
  6. sticko

    Beechwood club league

    Dave I agree with your morals mate drugs and guns are a NO. NO
  7. sticko

    Dave Fox's funeral today.

    As all have said it was a honour to have know Dave ,who was a well respected member of our club and a wealth of knowledge regarding air guns Dave will be greatly missed by all those that knew him,his funeral was very well attended ,showing the respect and admiration Dave gained throughout his life R I P Dave
  8. sticko

    Early AA S400 leaks through gage

    gauge w
  9. sticko

    Portugal wftf

    Just confirmed on s t b jack Harris did win it well done Jack
  10. sticko

    SEFTA Round 8: Springfield - Video

    There is 2 good looking fellas in that video what do think stan? And of course the ladies
  11. sticko

    Etl Plug

    unfortunatly holly old sico won it today but as you say no top shots lol but it was good to see the youngsters having a go and putting in some respectable scores on what was a very windy shoot
  12. sticko

    Gun Bag

    Many thanks for the info gents, a jsr it is then be fore i order i was going to get the one without the shoulder straps as i only want some protection for carriying in the car and to save using the hard case as it is akward to fit in the boot pete
  13. sticko

    Gun Bag

    hi guys looking for some recomendations for a gun bag to hold the old pro target and scope with large side wheel ,seen a few on the bay but unsure of quality etc can any one recomend any sites or makes that are suitable many thanks Pete