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  1. Teriyaki_Man

    Airsporter Stripped Thread

    I'd like to say that sooty was before my time, but unfortunately he (it?) wasn't
  2. Teriyaki_Man

    Airsporter Stripped Thread

    Cheers Ray. I guess I was looking for some magical stuff that you rub on that would fix the problem. Now there's an opportunity for an entrepreneurial inventor!
  3. Teriyaki_Man

    Airsporter Stripped Thread

    That's a good idea - Ill search for one. Cheers shinny.
  4. Teriyaki_Man

    Airsporter Stripped Thread

    Guys I need some advice with an Airsporter problem. I just refurbished an Airsporter Mk 6 and made a lovely job of it (IMO), but I took it to the range yesterday for its first outing and first time I cocked it it self destructed! The problem - a stripped cocking bracket stud. This is the little threaded stud that screws into the body of the gun just under the port and holds the bracket that the front stock screws thread into, and also guides the cocking slide. Basically a really important bit! The stud it's self is fine but the gun body threads are stripped. I have no idea how to fix this and thought of a helicoil as the best option. Does anyone know the size of the stud so I can buy a helicoil kit? I'm not actually sure if I can get one as they all seem to be metric and I'm guessing this is an imperial size. Any alternative suggestions gratefully received. Cheers.
  5. Teriyaki_Man

    Mysterious Holes

    I thought you had it there, until I tried a .177 BB for size - it's too big. Also, the holes are different sizes! My latest theory is bubbles in the alloy during manufacturing. It's the best I can come up with! The mystery continues. Thanks for the info on the new piston. I'll post some pics when the restoration's finished. I always find BSA's re-blue really well with BC blue.
  6. Teriyaki_Man

    Mysterious Holes

    Anyone have an explanation for the mysterious holes in the crown of my Airsporter Mk6 piston? Could it be extreme dieseling? I would add that I just bought this as a restoration project so it wasn't me that let the old girl get in this state! Also, the replacement piston is different with the seal down near the skirt rather than up by the crown. Anyone know if the pistons are compatible? Cheers.