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  1. Kneeling rolls

    web site is correct no camo clothing bean bag / accessories are fine. Due to our license agreement these are the rules of the club. Hope this clears things up.
  2. Jason Cheesman

    Hi Barry I'm back mate
  3. Krals Bull-pup

    Was in a small local shop in Grays and thay have started selling pups from turkey for £500 called krals The sinthetic stock is really good with a built in compartment for the magazine and feels really well balanced However the wood stock was a poorly finished bit of wood around the trigger, some might put up with the finish for £500 I'd reacher go for the sinthetic option
  4. BFTA GP1 Meon video....

    Great video mate
  5. SEFTA and the invisible Regional Hat's

    I for one would of loved the opertunity to have A say however this vote was not on the agenda for the meeting and did not come to the clubs of SEFTA for there opinion, from my understanding it was brought up at a SEFTA committee meeting and voted on without consulting the clubs members. Again only from my understanding
  6. I'd be more worried about the amount of people still walking about with there gun pointed horizontally at every one A couple of us saw a few people doing it on the week end
  7. BFTA Inters 2016 @ Tondu FTC - Video

    Great footage mate well done
  8. FT in the magazines

    How much of a delay is CompAir, I'm sure once relished it will be a great success
  9. SEFTA Showdown 2016 @ ETL - Video

    well done Colin like the vid
  10. SEFTA Showdown 2016 @ ETL - Video

    Excellent fotage from you and the drone andy I'm very impressed with the new toy And congrats to all that was there yesterday especially the ones that won, well done
  11. Considering some atlernatives

    The scope on the STB sold today
  12. Sefta Showdown

    Has been sounds right his got me in the first round and I'm feeling lucky
  13. Anschutz 9015 One

    Work of art
  14. Shooting show

    I'm gutted I've got to work I've not been to a shooting show mabie next year, I'm after one of those rolls for the positional lanes that would of been the place to pick one up, need something to help ?
  15. When will the names of the shooters be selected