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  1. Mamutowicz

    Shooting in S. Yorkshire

    Hi! Thank You for Your help!! Will contact Them very soon
  2. Mamutowicz

    Shooting in S. Yorkshire

    Hi All ! Do You know where to shoot HFT in S. Yorkshire? I was join Mattersey RAPC but their committee dont like Airguns and finally Ive finished my cooperation with that club.. Cheers Peter.
  3. Mamutowicz

    HW 95

    Weihrauh selling their airguns with German limit springs fitted. You must order EXPORT spring as well, and change by yourselve. Only HW airguns bought outside Germany may have different spring fitted.. Interesting thing - 7,5J German limit spring for HW 98 mounted in TX200 is giving 16J with 0 pre-compression.. TX rulez.. My TX..
  4. Mamutowicz

    Aa Tx200 Hc

    Hi! I do apologise I was so quiet.. I had system crash and I lost all my bookmarks and passwords :/ Ive just managed to find password to this forum.. At Mattersey.. £100 joining fee and later £206/annum membership.. I was hoping that since we set up our range it will be easier and cheaper to join just only Airgun section but.. this thing cannot be sorted .. Waiting 6 months for an Open day and still do not know the date :/ At the moment, is only one way to shoot airgun at our range - join full membership. Unless someone have an FAC license - can pay £10 and have fun all day, but better is to phone up someone who knows better club rules. Can give number to Steve Wilson - one of comitee member. To be honest, I'm very disappointed with Comitee politics.. Our range not cost our club even penny - Ive made all targets, we set up course including posts, ropes and alsos - and They dont managed to do one Open Day :/ Sometimes I think that will be better to pack up my toys and move to different sand pit.. Sorry for my mouning.. Im giving up.. :/
  5. Mamutowicz

    Aa Tx200 Hc

    HI again! One month ago I was on Holiday in Poland..and i left my TX in CEKAUS for tuning.. And that was best idea I had since I bought my TX200.. I understand, that TX is well made, and good quality.. but now is excellent!! Quiet, short and soft kick, and not picky on hold.. God, it was worth every single penny I paid !!.. 1.5m/s maximum spread on Vo.. usually less than 1m ! I`m not looking for anything else! Just enjoying shooting.. and waiting for next WHFT championship.. BTW, If somebody looking for nice HFT range we've just set up excellent airgun section at Mattersey Riffle and pistol club : http://www.matterseyrapc.org.uk/ Peter.
  6. Mamutowicz

    Aa Tx200 Hc

    I've just tuned my TX trigger.. Well.. "tuned' is maybe too big word.. dismended it, stick PET piece at side of trigger to kill loose and I had to clear all pieces.. God, due to world financial crisis AA must start use honey instead of grease.. Nobel for who discovered white spirit.. Much better now.. Also I cleared all grease from guidance, spring and piston, polished both sides of spring and regreased with new grease.. will see , but as I tried it now its a bit better. Now I think about swap front spring guidance for something lighter.. I think that original one is a bit heavy.. What You think?
  7. Mamutowicz

    Aa Tx200 Hc

    Hi! Thanks for Your reply. I'm really happy with my TX, but it was HW97 in option before.. and I was shooting HW couple times last weeks, and I'm a bit jealous.. HW has .. smoother shoot cycle, deeper, and lower sound .. when my TX is a bit noisy, spring is clangour sometimes,.. Don't take me wrong, I don't want to swap my TX.. no chance.. Its my baby and I want all the best for him.. It got nice thick slipbag, best JSB pellets and nice SWFA 10x42 scope.. just shooter -rubbish- a bit.. :/ Maybe You're right.. Maybe I'm expecting too much..
  8. Mamutowicz

    Aa Tx200 Hc

    Hi! At the beginning of my first post here I'd like to say a few words about me.. My Name is Peter, I come from Poland.. and last 7Y I'm living near Rotherham.. My English is a bit crapsky . but, i try do the best.. Ok. it's enough about me.. I'd like to Ask You for help.. I have bought TX200 HC last Year, and I really enjoy shoting, but i think that my TX needs attention of some good specialist. I could buy some tunning kit and mount it by myself, but i'm not sure that it will be good idea.. it's not an cheap Hatsan or Gamo.. ;) Can You tell me, Whos hands are the best to tune my TX.. ? Peter.