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  1. NatS

    Far Coly ?

    Believe Jack finished on a 2 and Dan on a 9. I shot like a muppet again. Despite that i really enjoyed the course layout and would go again. Proving it doesn't have to be a test of agility to make it tricky!
  2. NatS

    Target shooting in Leicestershire area

    Quite odd, this request was posted by yourself in 2015 and now answered by yourself in 2018 lol...
  3. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    Or is it a case of only Jack can beat Jack Be great if Dan does it. Especially after leading it a couple of seasons ago and then having his accident.
  4. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    Wise decision 😉
  5. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    Lol yeah hope you meant embankment Matt mind you it did end up an embarrassment. All went wrong at the lane across pond and I couldn't see my misses so ended up chasing my tail and having a disastrous final section. Anyway at the time I felt gutted about where it all went wrong but now just want to get back in the proverbial saddle.
  6. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    Yep tale of two halves... oh well much to learn.
  7. NatS

    Another new baby for SEFTA....

    I likey... wonder if he'd do mine??
  8. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    It was a bit 52 yarder in one direction and 55 yarder in the other.
  9. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    It ain't the mozzies I'm worried about
  10. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

  11. NatS

    GP7 Anston.....

    Yep looking forward to it!
  12. NatS

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Very true unfortunately
  13. NatS

    Congratulations to Ozzie...

    Can't move for Anschutz rifles in SEFTA. Region should be sponsored!
  14. NatS

    East Anglian Open - Results

    Rude... Actually I opt for an exercise bike. Don't have to worry about the assholes on the roads that way.
  15. NatS

    Euro champs

    Welcome back Darron, does sound like the competition organisation left alot to be desired. Onwards and upwards