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  1. NatS

    Essex 50 pix

    What it showed is that a course doesn't need to be constant 55 yarders to be a challenge and enjoyable. Some courses I've shot over summer, I've actually got bored halfway because each lane being predictable. I prefer courses that mix it up a bit and cater for everyone. Even Mr Ayres (who previously cleared a GP course) didn't clear it. I'll still take the PB though 😄
  2. NatS

    OH YES .

    Holly I have to adapt frequently to whatever is hurting at the moment. I know my standers need improving
  3. NatS

    ETL ESSEX 50 7th OCTOBER 2018

    Haha go back to sleep Holly
  4. NatS

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    I suspect it'll be the woodsmen of kent!
  5. NatS

    Euros weekend....

    Cream always rises to the top.
  6. NatS

    Euros weekend....

    I did wonder how he went from top score to outside top 15.
  7. NatS

    Euros weekend....

    Berty 😄
  8. Same although I may get an extra handwarmer!
  9. NatS


    Andrew was less than convinced too. I guess I'm on my own then. Sleeve incoming from intershoot... I'm doomed!!
  10. NatS

    New Scope

    Is James Osbourne using a Delta too? Seem to think there's a few on the circuit now.
  11. NatS


    After another outing with the heavies, I'm fairly happy with carrying on with them. Still got the odd small adjustments to make but generally they seem to be running nicely in my gun. Not the same can be said for anyone else who's tried them down the club.. 😐
  12. NatS


    Ten clicks extra relative to the zero?
  13. NatS

    The showdown ?

    Thought you already had one
  14. NatS

    The showdown ?

    Steve C made semi finals. He's becoming quite good at this showdown lark....