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  1. NatS


    I have one and I make it a gooden!!
  2. NatS


    Is there??
  3. NatS

    So, East Devon....

    Good luck to those of you going tomorrow!
  4. Steve is a skinny -swearword- these days, shrinking by the week.
  5. NatS

    So, East Devon....

    He's probably just ignoring the both of you lol.
  6. NatS


    Come on stop teasing!!
  7. NatS

    Anschutz quality.

    41.. shot poorly on disciplines. I'll take it though after long flight back and being lagged!
  8. First ever shoot at Bisley. Lovely ground thoroughly enjoyed it! Cheers to everyone who puts in the graft for these shoots.
  9. NatS

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Honestly.... there is such a thing as too much champagne. Who knew? However I will just have to endure for another few days.
  10. Work hard, play hard...
  11. Well my score will largely depend on how if I manage to get my blood pressure back down after two weeks of booze and a course of prednisolone....
  12. NatS

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Yep or every few shoots to make it easier for whoever posts them. Not like they have to be updated immediately like the scores but it will be nice to have some records going forward.
  13. NatS

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Again Rob don't assume I haven't. I've asked Martin about it already. Honestly sometimes you do like to jump to the easy hasty conclusions. Maybe you don't know me or have surrounded yourself with suggesters rather than doers... anyone who knows me knows I don't suggest unless willing to do.
  14. NatS

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Who says they don't? But who handles the bfta site? If you don't attend all the GPs but don't mind popping the information in a spreadsheet then someone also needs to get the info to that person. I know for sure Martin would love to do more with the stats collated. Don't assume others don't too.
  15. NatS

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Maybe would be nice to have official scores on bfta site also include the rifle/scope used. I mean whats the point of filling it out on the score cards if its not? Also yes Anschutz does need to do alot more, talk to people who are shooting their rifles for one! There are guys achieving great things with Anschutz rifles right now. AA would be all over it.
  16. NatS

    Anschutz Andy....

    Uh huh.... he will 😉
  17. NatS

    Anschutz Andy....

    Lol good good!
  18. NatS

    Anschutz Andy....

    I noticed that too! Is that Leanns?
  19. NatS

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Not to mention Dan won a recent GP iirc?
  20. NatS

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    This old granny will be at Bisley 😉
  21. NatS

    Bisley GP5...the return of our hero?

    Yep you definitely seemed to be in some bother yesterday. Hopefully it improves for Bisley.
  22. NatS

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    Yep shes booked the club gun 😉
  23. NatS

    GP4 Nelson

    Well done, looks like the course was a well received!
  24. NatS

    The Return of Wardy ?

    Good stuff!! Fingers crossed for you Holly