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  1. Bit more overkill lol. I have been making up some wooden presentation cases for my other pistols and had a large one left over, so just for fun, and because I think the finished Typhoon deserved protecting I created the one pictured below, complete with vinyl logos. Allthough the black interior does not show up the detail, the pistol, cocking aid, and pellets are all held securely in their own 'niches', and the Instruction booklet is under a black plastic sheet below the pistol, just visible in the top right picture.
  2. A long time since the thread started, but I have successfully fitted a black ABS folding stock to the Typhoon. It was not difficult. I had to modify the stock which involved a some filing, but the only modification to the pistol was drilling one small hole in the plastic rear sight housing to accommodate a bolt which holds the stock firmly in place. Please, no point in asking me why I did it, I just wanted to. I already had the stock (an impulse eBay purchase under 'tactical folding stock) and came across this thread a couple of days ago, the day I had bought the pistol. One other quick mod was drilling a small hole underneath the cocking extension for a threaded grub screw. That was a five minute job, and well worth it. The extension is now stable even when the pistol is fired. Have included some photos. Points To Note ------------------- 1. To my mind it looks and feels awesone 2. With stock folded can still be used as normal. The folded stock does not obstruct your hand or the sights, but obviously changes the pistol's weight and balance. 3. You wil NOT end up with a rifle. It is all but impossible to get a sight picture when the stock is at your shoulder, and this would include a scope. HOWEVER the perfect answer is a red dot laser sight. With one fitted the pistol combo looks even more amazing and could pass for a small sub-machine gun especially with the muzzle extender in place. 4. As the only modification to the pistol is one small hole at the back of the plastic rear-sight assembly it can hardly be said to have caused any damage that would lower its value. 5. It took just over an hour to modify the stock. The one I had originally had a rectangular hole at the fixing end. which is a perfect fit for the plastic that sticks out at the rear of the pistol. All that was needed was to file back the top and bottom of that hole so it pushed up snugly against the pistols rear sight assembly. I had removed the assembly to do the work. Just remove the two bolts at the front, and one bolt underneath. The body of the pistol can then be removed, and the sight assembly slides out. Once the stock physically mated with the sight assembly, with the stock in the folded position I drilled a small hole through it to the rear of the sight assembly. All that was needed was a long enough BA bolt which I slid through from the sight assembly side, attached a nut to the folding stock side and tightened enough to hold everything firmly in place. The ABS/Plastic of both parts is quite thick. so solid enough for this method, but do not over-tighten the nut. The stock can be fitted or removed in a couple of minutes. The final obstacle was being able to close and 'lock' the stock as now there were the end of the bolt and nut protruding slightly. Originally I had considered recessing them, but realised all I needed to do was make a suitable hole where the stock locked in place so they passed through it. Well that is it. Is the mod practical, frankly 'no'. Does it result in a fantastic looking weapon, a definite 'yes' as far as I am concerned, with the added bonus you can still use the pistol (almost) as normal when the stock is folded.