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  1. Eaton Rifles

    Bisley GP5...the return of our hero?

    Unfortunately their idea of help8ng out is to grab some saws and go prune some trees, any trees, no matter. Not welcome at ETL...
  2. Eaton Rifles

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    I didn’t use the GC 2002 for the clearance, that was the blue 2002 in the standard stock with my first x40 comp. Still at least I’m in the 40 Club, not quite as good as the 50 Club, now that is exclusive with Daz as the most recent invite, No Rock Chimps, so sorry Holls but your name isn’t on the list.
  3. Eaton Rifles

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Very true, though Ian does a superb job with his spreadsheets. The shot analysis he did for the SEFTA GP at Springfield was superb.
  4. Eaton Rifles

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    I would agree with you except there was 10+years between selling said 2002 and buying a Steyr, not the FTP. That disaster was yet to happen. Aside from that the stock was made for a long-armed freak who can bench car engines for a laugh. I am neither, so the stock simply was too big and too heavy...👍
  5. Eaton Rifles

    Anschutz Andy....

    Some would argue that you are very much unique in your particular pond...🤣
  6. Eaton Rifles

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Champagne cellar dear boy, wine is so yesterday for Nat...😉
  7. Eaton Rifles

    Progress ?

    I need it and all the other medication when you’re let loose on a course...🤣
  8. Eaton Rifles

    Tinkering and Practice

    Lovely, I’m sure Andy will appreciate getting covered in that...🤣
  9. Eaton Rifles

    Wind and Deep woods ?

    Well she had a great time amazingly. Even went to Carrisbroke Castle, she doesn’t realise what a close shave that was....🤣
  10. Eaton Rifles

    Bisley GP5...the return of our hero?

    If I had the option all of them....🤣
  11. Eaton Rifles

    Tinkering and Practice

    I'm sure Holly has a few hundred gallons left over from his foray into BMW bike maintenance. Not unless he left the engine oil in the gearbox of course....
  12. Eaton Rifles

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    You just carry on believing that sunshine; she is on a Pre-shoot training camp as we speak. Real hard-core jobbie as well, by the time she gets out she'll be wanting to kick butt and chew gum and the gum's run out...
  13. Eaton Rifles

    Anschutz Andy....

    I like your thinking why be best at being first when you can be best at coming last, genius....
  14. Eaton Rifles

    Progress ?

    "Nurse, we have a code Red, yep it's urgent"
  15. Eaton Rifles

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    Why not grease the coat hanger with some of the finest stock lubricant. I would recommend Mr Sheen, no don't thank me...