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  1. Eaton Rifles

    Target sprint

    More like the PC grade, i.e. 'Paint Chippers', Neil would appreciate that considering he came up with the name...
  2. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    I'll be honest, I want to like the Marches I really do but I don't like the field of view and much prefer the dinner plate approach of the Leup. Marches are much like Sightrons so it's like looking down a kitchen roll at the image, just my random mutterings but there you go.
  3. Eaton Rifles

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    ....and only then does she let you out for a ride on your bike....
  4. Eaton Rifles

    Target sprint

    I don't think there's a grade low enough for us though it might get cozy with Neil as well....
  5. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    The 10-60's can be a bit hit or miss, even Holly has one of them....
  6. Eaton Rifles

    Sniper Mediums needed ?

    Well, I keep trying to convince myself that they're fools good but even after furious buffing they still work better than anything else I have at the moment. Even Grandad tried a couple Sunday for good luck....
  7. Eaton Rifles

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    Aha no wonder you need an E-Bike, conserving your energy my ass....
  8. Eaton Rifles

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    The scary thing is that there's probably some truth to that....
  9. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Don't say that it makes me all twitchy, silver on silver....hmmm....
  10. Eaton Rifles

    Sniper Mediums needed ?

    Not me, I got a few tins from Uncle Neil aka the Zumerset Sniper but that was at Wales and a winter shooting them depleted stocks. I also tried the new ones and found they didn't suit my barrel so have gone to expresses.
  11. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    ....Or possibly not, either your hearing has gone again or your little bird needs plucking....
  12. Eaton Rifles

    Day off work, so that means tinkering time.

    Sounds like you've earned it Andy...
  13. Eaton Rifles

    Fit to shoot .

    Agreed, this guy looked the brigadier off Doctor Who complete with silly tasche, sat in an SD1. 'Driving licence' he said, 'If I had a driving licence do you think I'd be on a bike?' I chucked back at him. 'Don't be funny with me sonny' he said. 'Ok Dad' I said with a grin and instantly regretted it as his eyes bulged. 'F*ck off out of my sight' was the last I got from him...🤣
  14. Eaton Rifles

    Target sprint

    You have about as much chance as getting back in AA grade as I have...
  15. Eaton Rifles

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    Get back under your pier....