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  1. Eaton Rifles

    SEFTA Regional Team & Kit . Prizes .

    The SEFTA team will be getting limited edition hats...🏆
  2. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Always been a scope man and I've owned some nice models over the years, but I always get drawn back to a nice Leupold. Best image I've ever seen for sheer clarity and vibrance was a Hensoldt I had for a while, second was Pete Stickings Hi-Master before it was sent back.
  3. Eaton Rifles

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    I understand the cider but what is this 'sex' you speak of....
  4. Eaton Rifles

    Now there is a Funny Thing ?

    Marches are amongst the best at not whiting-out as their very expensive lenses resist the flare that causes the problem. I reckon you must have one of those Chinese Marches called a Manche? 👍
  5. Eaton Rifles

    World Class Veterans....

    Funnily enough he did say that dodging coconuts thrown by cheetah made him really good at water polo....🤣
  6. Eaton Rifles

    Fit to shoot .

    Well I guess that cleans out the pie budget for a couple of weeks...🤔
  7. Eaton Rifles

    Big bad Dave might be staging a come-back...

    True, after all who’d really let Dave loose with an MG....😉
  8. Eaton Rifles

    The Shutz Barrel

    Maybe, but people backed themselves into a position where it had to look as if something was being done about the ‘cheating’ going on with beanbags so it was easier to ban ‘em in favour of nothing or kneeling rolls. The fact that kneeling rolls are actually better than beanbags for kneeling sort of back-fired on them....🤣
  9. Eaton Rifles

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    That's not silence either.....
  10. Eaton Rifles

    World Class Veterans....

    That's the one.
  11. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    I doubt it, but if I do I'll get you to buy one first then get it off you when you get bored with it after a week....
  12. Eaton Rifles

    Now there is a Funny Thing ?

    Keep up Holls, we're talking about light not heat....
  13. Eaton Rifles

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    I know, I heard he's got it going to your neck....
  14. Eaton Rifles

    Fit to shoot .

    A whole tenner, well I guess that is a bit more than usual fiver....
  15. Eaton Rifles

    The Shutz Barrel

    Well that and kneeling on your bag, though the WFTF allow this surprisingly.