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  1. Thank You PPI ?

    ...And I thought you were buying that as your main FT rifle to give this 'good thrashing' you've been promising for so many decades?
  2. Airgunforum, what future?

    Yep it's more than obvious that neither of you are genuinely serious about passing this forum over and that ultimately no one will pass your stringent criteria for new owners. So I will also thank you for your time in keeping the forum going over the past few years and wish the pair of you the best in the future, but ultimately I am out of here.
  3. Airgunforum, what future?

    J-B with the greatest of respect I think we've already made it clear that in this little section of AGF which is still functioning (albeit at a primeval level) we are marking time until the future of this forum is decided. Now if you and Dave decide that you are going to close the forum regardless then that is your decision and yours alone and to be honest it seems to me as if you are both just looking for an excuse to kill it off instead of passing it over to those that are willing and able to inject a new lease of life into the forum.
  4. Some People and the terminator .

    I dunno, but I've a feeling you are going to try to bullpup every single one of them. Luckily he doesn’t have enough money for that...
  5. SEFTA Winter League Rnd.3 Springfield....

    I’m sure that somewhere some nutter has roller-skated around the World, or could it be the last frontier ready to be broken for Holly Guinness Glory....
  6. Csfta Bisley winter league

    Same as ours at ETL, hence the defectors...
  7. Fit To Shoot .

    Hahahaha, yea either that or the only gay in the village...
  8. Some People and the terminator .

    If that’s the case why are you confusing the issue by maybe looking for another?
  9. Airgunforum, what future?

    No, apparently that’s cream pie...
  10. Worlds UK 2019

    He beat me by one target at the Worlds, the shame of it all....
  11. Super Pup is here .

    Good job you don’t treat your women like your Rifles. Even by your standards that was a fast turnaround? Instead of finding another GC which ultimately would be an exercise in futility, get the one you have sorted? If you had half an ounce of sense you would have got the custom stock made for the GC instead of the Steyr...
  12. SEFTA Winter League Rnd.4 at ETL....

    Unfortunately our catering in the form of the lovely Sally is recuperating from a serious operation, but will be back next year ready to satisfy the hungry horde, until then it will be basic finger food, but at least we do lay on some food...
  13. SEFTA Winter League 2017-18....

    Damnit I still think that ‘if’ Dan can maintain his near clearance at Springfield he will blunt the Chopper, I mean, it was an anomaly, who, I ask who misses the very first target then goes on to clear to course?
  14. isp airstream

    Ouch John, that’s a right bind to say the least.
  15. Bazzas 9015 ?

    Bazza will make his choice purely based on shooting potential, nothing else. Either it works or it’s out. Now that the Tzar has been sorted by Gaystate apparently it is accurate, stable and reliable, all essential for a decent FT rifle. It is also left-handed though the grip needs to be bigger to accommodate his ‘shovel’ hands. He has the later 5 lever trigger, so while not being up there with Anschutz is still light years ahead of the bull-pups he has to put up with recently. The 9015 is right-handed but being in the alu-stock is ambidextrous though the grip is not and so far finding El Dorado seems easier than sourcing a left-handed Anschutz or Steyr grip in the UK. So he can use it, but it’s not ideal not being able to properly hold the rifle. Bazza is one of those shooters that can pick up any rifle and do well with it, I mean he shot a Ripley for years, so all in all the Tzar is probably the best bet for him judging by his recent tests.