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  1. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Sounds very promising, I wonder what the thermal qualities are like.
  2. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    I do believe you're right, who would have thought it a Sightron SIII for Nikko money. Now that does seem like a bargain especially with a decent wheel included as well.
  3. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    If the Falcon is more consistent than the Nikkos then that would be a bonus as they do tend to be a bit variable.
  4. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Excellent news...👍
  5. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Weird as you'd think they would have announced something?
  6. Eaton Rifles

    So where is our hero?

    Apparently he has been in hard training for the upcoming GP by going out on his electric bike....🤣
  7. So Andy has bought a 360º video camera which effectively records in a complete sphere at the end of his magic wand. He tried it at the Club Sunday while we were shooting around and last night I finally managed to get it working with my Rift headset. I must say that the view is a bit odd in VR as the unit has a single camera on each side to capture with, so even though it's 360º there is no depth perception, so essentially it's the same as if you were viewing the scene with one eye shut. Saying that the effect is superb as you can literally turn and look in any direction completely independent of where the unit was originally pointed. This allows you to look at the shooter then look down range to the target or look upwards into the trees. Obviously the technology is in it's infancy but I think once multiple camera per side are evolved that give a true 3D depth perception then this type of filming will be incredible though the software will also have to evolve to keep file sizes manageable as currently 5 minutes at 4K is about 2.7GB. I've attached a screen dump of the view, this is flattened out as the final view is wrapped around 360º.
  8. Eaton Rifles

    So where is our hero?

    I don't think anyone here has upset him, it's just like my old Great Uncle Frank he's gone off for a paper and forgotten why he'd gone out and also the way home, it's an age thing....
  9. Eaton Rifles

    Yin Tong pellets....

    In defence of the 9.5gr pellets I tried it may well be that particular weight just doesn't work at the spin rate and velocity of my barrel as I've heard good things about the 8.4gr flavour.
  10. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    When those Debens first came out any spare were immediately snapped up and hoarded.
  11. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    I must admit I liked my Sightron SIII, had the infinity model so no silly topping out at 70yds. I don't think I noticed any temperature shift over a couple of winters and summers, great rangefinder and very clear optics.
  12. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Fixed power scopes are fine, in truth they're my favourites as they tend to be both brighter and lighter than comparable scopes. The problem comes with people who get anxious about 'losing' the target and getting timed out. I would say that if you're not pulling the rifle up directly on the target then your position is wrong, so move until it is.
  13. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    Neil mentioned that the reticle was slightly thicker than the Leupold one, so it just depends on your eyes.
  14. Eaton Rifles

    So where is our hero?

    And more importantly one that always agrees with his crazy ideas...🤣
  15. Eaton Rifles

    New Scope

    The funny thing is that the Sightron is supposedly a copy of the Competition scope.