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  1. FTP900 clamp....

    the T filler would be good as it has a filter built in to stop the -rubbish- getting in , Would the T filler off the EV2 fit ???
  2. Holly's FT Work Done .

    CNC run time is not cheap About £45 per hour plus you have a wage to pay set up time plus a program to wright
  3. FTP900 clamp....

    I still shoot a FTP ok no 8 clamp no shrouds and a Rohan stripper Fitted
  4. GPs cost

    its 24p per target pay it and I am from Yorkshire L.O.L,
  5. Tawd vale

    why not just book into AM. or PM. on a first come base. So you have picked your group so if the weather changers to suit you or not tuff make the most of it and get on with it . back in the day some used to get to the shoot for 8.30ish and sit all day to last few shooters to go . Hopping the wind would drop off a big gamble sometimes payed off and sometimes fell flat. so booking in on the AM or PM start you pick and hope you get it right on the day.
  6. Tawd vale

    I went for a look yesterday after a 23 year lay off . For the most it looked like long range shoot . Its a 40mm seated put it at 48 to 55yds no skill of the course builder . To build a hard course is a skill to make it a challenge with out putting on a long range shoot. this is just my thought Dave Hammill
  7. Tawd vale

    top score this morning was 37x50
  8. FTP900 repairs

    well that did it spoke to soon filler valve jammed open today so gun would not hold air at all -swearword-. NOW its at fix it mans for the filler valve strip and rebuild. mind better than going back to AA as I know they would mess it up..
  9. Factory spec, or modified?

    I will be building a HFT gun using a HW101 one shot load no mag to mess up . will be fitting a CS800 stock with no added bits and bats. KISS is the best way to go less thinking less to do your head in you just shoot no head burn.
  10. FTP900 repairs

    my FTP900 is running sweet as a nut but its taken a bit of running in as it started off at 10.3 ftlb but soon came up to 11.4ftlb and has now stopped at 11.6ftlb 786fps on 8.4 AA pellets and I have NEVER cleaned out the barrel. The gun runs 100 shots with a 7fps move over the crono and puts 8mm one hole groups at 54yds indoors. The A.T. is still in place for now I am 12,000 shots down the barrel with out cleaning out the barrel. The only thing I am doing is washing pellets and relube with petrolim jelly on a cloth like I did in 1992.
  11. Kit and the FT Shooter

    never used bracketing always used the par/ring and it never let me down
  12. Kit and the FT Shooter

    you are right Holy the B&L was 6x24x40 1 inch tube but it was hell of a range finder. It was the Target we had and used to buy them for $ sell them for £ good cash maker.
  13. Kit and the FT Shooter

    got a new GC2 mk2 cost £850 with 10lt bottle and gauge and hose plus mounts back in the late 80s. fitted it with a 6-24-50 bouch and loumb target scope £440 this would range find out to 80yds clicked up and down for 4 years like it did from day one . The scope held point what ever the temp even stayed put on what mag you wanted to use . I don't see much change in FT just the kit even the scores don't seem any better ..
  14. never cleaned a barrel never needed to just cleaned pellets and relubed the pellet . Find the right lube and the barrel looks after its sen .
  15. Good on you Holly as a gun goes the GC2 is hard to beat as a 25year old+ gun there are guns as good but not better ..
  16. Cricket Or Edgun ?

    Had a go with a CRICKET today ok it was a .22 but It was dead on at 40m pellet on pellet. If the .177 cal is as good which I don't see why not it will be one hell of a gun for HFT.
  17. EV2 parts ??

    Any one know the dia of the EV2 barrel and is it the same as a FTP900 . What does the muzzle brake off the EV2 Weigh As I am thinking of fitting one to the FTP900 as it has to be lighter than that lump on the end .
  18. EV2 parts ??

    I have always liked a light front end on a gun used to fit steel rods into the butt of my guns found two 12mm x150mm did the trick. I found this helped me with standing shots as I shoot hand well forward can not use the hamster lark
  19. EV2 parts ??

    that would be even better still
  20. EV2 parts ??

    just been told It is the same 14mm and the EV2 stripper is 4oz that will be a saving of 4oz that is a lot off the end of the muzzle .
  21. A Daystate And The wife

    have the sears worn if so get sportsmatch to give it a sevice . I am going to look for a nice GC2 to shoot HFT with still better than 99% of guns out there today
  22. A Daystate And The wife

    Holly what is up with your GC2
  23. FTP in bog standard

    Just got back and has a back log of jobs going to ring me when he can sort it out . as it is now doing 775fps not in a rush as yet
  24. FTP900 a quick overview

    always been the same with AA. we had loads of probs with shamal and no no nowt wrong with them . So we were left to sort them out ..
  25. FTP in bog standard

    My FTP900 is stock and it shoots 8mm groups at 55yds and I am happy at that out doors. so the only thing I will be doing to mine will be getting shut of the AT. If its not bust you can not fix it LOL.