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  1. Dave Hat

    The Coming Season

    I’m going to work for a large vegetable grower and arable farmer, so it’s likely I’m not going to be shooting a lot. Hoping to do the inters, after that who knows.
  2. Dave Hat

    The Coming Season

    Well it’s looking like we’ll be moving to the Selby area , had a really good job offer .
  3. Dave Hat

    The Coming Season

    Well it’s looking highly likely that I’ll be taking this year off, a move back to Yorkshire and a new job will mean shooting has to take a back seat for a while.😩
  4. Dave Hat

    Stainless Barrels

    When you shoot the barrel over the firing line it won’t rust laid on the floor 😂
  5. Dave Hat

    Airgunforum, what future?

    What do you expect of a bloke that shacked up with his 14yr old god daughter, and that wasnt what he was convicted of.
  6. Dave Hat

    The Jacket and the Hat ?

    I dont recall saying that, I do recall shooting like a-insult- though😫
  7. Dave Hat


    Glad to hear it went well, hopefully well see him soon.
  8. Ive tried a 20-50 on a mates gun and it was a lovely scope, but at the time I bought the sightron a leup was good money and it worrried me if anything went wrong with it.The weight of the sightron doesnt bother me but if I was buying a scope tomorrow Id probably buy a big Nicko as the one I looked through was as good as the sightron but just over half the price.
  9. I use my sightron on 35mag and the field of view is fine but you loose the snap when range finding , as with most things theres a compromise.
  10. I looked through one of Dtms new big nickos and it was optically as good as my sightron, it was the illuminated reticle version , I dont think Id be buying a sightron if I was buying a new one.
  11. Dave Hat


    Have your projects worn him out Holly? Pass on my best when you talk to him next 😘
  12. Dave Hat

    The Gimp ?

    I dont wear a shooting jacket but thats through personal choice, Im not sure why youd want to ban anything that the majority of people can afford to purchase. There maybe a case for banning something that very few people could afford and gave a clear advantage but as far as Im aware nothing like that currently exists.
  13. Dave Hat

    CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    I would wait a while hitting the standers yesterday may have been just luck 🤔
  14. Dave Hat

    CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    I got all my standers today and then missed 5 sitters, 4 of them I just gave too much wind on . Spending last Sunday at Springfield resetting the gun up certainly helped the standers felt a lot better, amazing How much difference just playing about with the butt hook made.
  15. Dave Hat

    CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    32/40 is still good given how you shoot your disciplines