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  1. Dave Hat

    SEFTA Regional Team & Kit . Prizes .

    Holly you did this the two years I was sefta comp sec, I’d have thought you’d have plenty of time to think of something else to try and wind people up, what will the central team be wearing this year? Im sure one of them will tell you 😘
  2. Dave Hat

    The Coming Season

    I’m going to work for a large vegetable grower and arable farmer, so it’s likely I’m not going to be shooting a lot. Hoping to do the inters, after that who knows.
  3. Dave Hat

    The Coming Season

    Well it’s looking like we’ll be moving to the Selby area , had a really good job offer .
  4. Dave Hat

    The Coming Season

    Well it’s looking highly likely that I’ll be taking this year off, a move back to Yorkshire and a new job will mean shooting has to take a back seat for a while.😩
  5. Dave Hat

    Stainless Barrels

    When you shoot the barrel over the firing line it won’t rust laid on the floor 😂
  6. Dave Hat

    Airgunforum, what future?

    What do you expect of a bloke that shacked up with his 14yr old god daughter, and that wasnt what he was convicted of.
  7. Dave Hat

    The Jacket and the Hat ?

    I dont recall saying that, I do recall shooting like a-insult- though😫
  8. Dave Hat


    Glad to hear it went well, hopefully well see him soon.
  9. Ive tried a 20-50 on a mates gun and it was a lovely scope, but at the time I bought the sightron a leup was good money and it worrried me if anything went wrong with it.The weight of the sightron doesnt bother me but if I was buying a scope tomorrow Id probably buy a big Nicko as the one I looked through was as good as the sightron but just over half the price.
  10. I use my sightron on 35mag and the field of view is fine but you loose the snap when range finding , as with most things theres a compromise.
  11. I looked through one of Dtms new big nickos and it was optically as good as my sightron, it was the illuminated reticle version , I dont think Id be buying a sightron if I was buying a new one.
  12. Dave Hat


    Have your projects worn him out Holly? Pass on my best when you talk to him next 😘
  13. Dave Hat

    The Gimp ?

    I dont wear a shooting jacket but thats through personal choice, Im not sure why youd want to ban anything that the majority of people can afford to purchase. There maybe a case for banning something that very few people could afford and gave a clear advantage but as far as Im aware nothing like that currently exists.
  14. Dave Hat

    CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    I would wait a while hitting the standers yesterday may have been just luck 🤔
  15. Dave Hat

    CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    I got all my standers today and then missed 5 sitters, 4 of them I just gave too much wind on . Spending last Sunday at Springfield resetting the gun up certainly helped the standers felt a lot better, amazing How much difference just playing about with the butt hook made.