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  1. Barrel manufacturing

    jon , both pics above were of the same blank . 1 of 2 blanks bought as bsa blanks 600mm they were deffo not a finished barrel off a rifle as you can see in the first pic , that is the choked end and would have been the crown . there's a discussion over on stb about bsa barrel QC ............but surely they wouldn't have let that out as a finished crown
  2. Barrel manufacturing

    Bought 2 as bsa Darron Mildly miffed if Jon is correct . ( suspect he is )
  3. Barrel manufacturing

    cheeky .!!!! last time i looked they had stopped doing them
  4. Barrel manufacturing

    whassat Jon ? The barrel in my pic ? bsa are saying it,s not one of theirs ?

    little polish chrono...... rough numbers , but you get the idea ....... distance between sensor slots flat and perpendicular .......50mm flat corner to corner ......60mm that's measuring flat and level , if you add in error for an inclined shot , the longest distance achievable could be close on 70mm or any where in between ........, no wonder the readings can vary.
  6. Barrels and chokes?

    Try Don Old Jon
  7. The Shutz Barrel

    the reg on one of those lg 100s ( the one that came over this way ) was the main problem Holly ...bit of a state inside .....one of the bellevilles actually had a chunk out of it. other thing was old style firing valve ..........it shot pretty good in the end but the barley twist barrel got dirty quick ....better after a lothar walther was fitted
  8. Too slow

    mine goes straight in mate ............of course i am a technological wizzard as you know .?!?
  9. The Steyr

    Hi Holly, I came across a previous lg100 of yours a couple of months ago. it shot really quite well too. the barley twist barrel was quite needy though, apparently.