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  1. itsray

    Shooting Clubs in the leicester area

    Yes, its a very well managed and set out club with a (really genuine) indoor range plus an FT one too catering for many small bore disciplines with a slight let down being that the opening times are limited to certain days and then only afternoons until early evening. Sundays being an exception from 10:00 to evening. The cost of membership for an adult is £165.00 and Junior £65.00. That said there are no other costs per visit other than for ammunition and targets. Those prices are reasonable if you are a regular shooter and compare them with Kibby which is £4.00 per visit for a member and £8.00 for a non-member. You takes your pick and pays your money. There are other ones in Leicestershire but are infrequent and not particularly well set up, the best one being at Loughborough. There is also the 'Boinger Bash' near Hinckley (Quigley Hollow farm) held infrequently and is for springer fanatics. It is a great day of fun for all ages and gender and comaradie, well worth a visit. Give the 'Bucket' at 75m a go and see how good you are with a springer! I too had hoped that there were more ranges and clubs in Leicestershire but sadly there is not. There may still be one in Anstey near Leicester but last time I checked it was very, very expensive and rather shall we say 'up market' to be polite.
  2. Go to TinBum tuning at http://www.airrifletuning.com and buy his delrin kit for around £20.00 inclusive. The difference they make is more than anyone would think. (and way cheaper than others) Mine has been in my Breaker 900x (11.35 ft/lb (now for 4 months and is still doing what it should!
  3. itsray

    Mainspring shortening

    How, or rather what is the best method to shorten a mainspring and reshape its end? I hope to shorten one to partially remove the 33mm pre-load which is making it a harsh rifle to shoot. It currently has 34 coils of 3mm wire, is 270 long, external 18.8, internal 12.8. I also intend to buy a new standard one just in case......... Cheers
  4. itsray

    Hw100 Tk Fsb .177

    Hm, Different to my HW100 FSB KT in .177. Mine has given a tight average of 11.40ft/lb once warmed through since I bought it new last year. It has not been tuned and has only had an extra moderator added to its shroud for very near total silence. I use Exact RS pellets and find them to be the best suited to mine for accuracy at my usual 40m target range. 5 hole groups all holes touching. JSB Match RS Diabolo (4.52 head x 7.33gr) bought from Voymir off Ebay. Hope that helps.
  5. itsray

    Hatsan Breaker 900X

    Hi CapitalBee, if you fancy doing it you will like the results, definitely. Tested on the range and the power levels were unaffected at 11.20. The accuracy at 35m was about as tight as I could hope for given the cheapness of the model I paid 50 notes for new. All in all I am pleased with the work I have done. Once a new moderator is fitted there is no difference to the cocking effort at all with a stumpy moderator. A longer one will make it easier though. Just follow the instructions in my previous post. The delrin tune up kit (£20.00 inclusive )was from TinBum tuning; http://www.airrifletuning.com 07545 147459
  6. itsray

    BSA Airsporter

    HI, Yours was manufactured in 1985/6 Look here for the proof of the prefix letters. http://www.progunner.eu/bsaairsporter-c-90_112_132.htm?language=en Hope that helps.
  7. itsray

    Hatsan Breaker 900X

    Had a brainwave and instead of the extra expenses of buying a spare barrel to modify I grabbed the bull by the horns and had a go myself. I cut off (by lathe) the reduced end of the barrel that the moderator assemby used and crowned and polished the barrel end then re-blued the end for protection. I then fitted a slip on (very close fit) 16mm barrel adapter using Loctite 262 to secure it and re-assembled the rifle. After allowing the Loctite to cure for a few minutes I screwed on a Deben Whisper 180 moderator and test shot it. The quietness was remarkable and way lower than the original plastic rubbish that Hatsan fitted. More importantly the accuracy of the shortened barrel has made no difference to its original accuracy, the test grouping is the same at 30m. I have yet to chrono it to see if the power levels have altered. The only slightly negative note is that without the length of the additional moderator it is fractionally harder to cock, however being a man I still found it very easy, but mine has had a full overhaul and a PTFE kit installed. For rifles without the tune up kit and women or youngsters it may be far harder to cock and harsher to shoot. Fuil,range test on Friday to see what it now performs like.
  8. itsray

    Hatsan Breaker 900X

    Now for the sad news; Why in hells name did they opt to use a system that prevents the changing of a the moderator system? The moderator removal first requires that the end cap of the moderator be removed by prising it out using a caliber specific diameter drift and then removal of the baffles. You then use a 19mm socket (3/8" drive) on a long extension to unscrew the moderator retaining nut that secures it to the barrel. After that hassle the moderator then has to be forced off the barrel (which is splined) and a very tight fit too. There are also 2 thick steel washers, one inside and one outside to reinforce the security of the plastic moderator. I am now considering buying a Striker 1000s barrel which is the same but does not have a moderator fitted and of which the front sight is a far simpler fit. After that a barrel adapter to suit with a 1/2" UNF female thread on which to put my own choice of moderator. Little wonder that this 900X is so cheap to buy and has been spoilt by the lack of care and poor design. No doubt the incorporated moderator will be seen as a benefit by many but in reality it is not very efficient and looks cheap and nasty when compared to the standard Walnut stained Beech stock. I will add more when I get the new barrel adapter and moderator fitted. My advice.....considering that the Striker 1000S uses the same action apart from the cocking link arm, (only the stock is plastic, the barrel is fitted with an easily removed foresight and it does not have a moderator included) give this 900X a wide berth and add a bit more to buy a rifle that can be more easily modded. Wish I had bought the Striker 1000S and bought the wood stock as a spare part! Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing....
  9. itsray

    Hatsan Breaker 900X

    Anyone taken the plastic and very ugly silencer/moderator off this model? If so how? Is it an interference fit or glued? I have now given it a full overhaul and fitted a full Delrin tune up kit including a PTFE cylinder liner which has made this 'cheapo' into a respectable, accurate and smooth action rifle with little recoil. It's that silencer that spoils the appearance and probably the muzzle sound level. Cheers
  10. itsray

    Weihrauch HW100 - Not firing

    Sorry for the delay but doe sit fire the pellet at all? If so then it is not the mechanism. One item you should check first is that the pellets are not being caught inside the moderator/silencer. Take it off and see if it rattles when shook. If it does then there are loose pellets inside its chambers. Try a shot without the silencer/moderator fitted. If it shoots the pellet then it is the silencer that is probably out of line with the barrel. to test for barrel damage try looking down the barrel from the front while using a strong torch to shine into the breech without a magazine fitted and the bolt open fully. The interior of the barrel should be a true circle and any sign of ovality or distortion will indicate a bend. In my personal experience the barrels they use would not bend simply by a dropping it. Hull Cartridge is the name of the sole importers of Weihrauch into the UK market.
  11. Anyone have any information on air rifle target shooting ranges/clubs within 20 miles of Leicester City? Cheers