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      Since the introduction of the "latest" VCR bill on 1st October 2007, sales of AIRGUNS (including replicas) AND MAJOR COMPONENTS (barrels, cylinders etc.) by DEALERS is restricted to a face-to-face transaction.   Please ensure you are familiar with the changes brought about due to the VCR act, which may be viewed on the BASC website.   BASC and ACPO have produced a guide to the VCR act in PDF format, which avoids legalese and is very understandable. See HERE.   AirGunForum members must ensure their transactions conform with current legislation before posting.   An inter-dealer network to facilitate the continuation of mail order business is being established by Portland Jon. Details are HERE or direct to his website HERE.
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      The forum's EDIT function has been changed. After making your post, you will have 30 minutes to review and edit it. After that, only Admin will be able to make edits.   Should a post NEED to be edited afterwards, email to admin@airgunforum.net the change details, the URL of the thread it applies to and if appropriate, the reason for the change. Don't forget to identify yourself and do use your registered email address to make contact. All this is necessary, as admin must be able to identify who you are and that it is your post that you wish to edit.   Admin. will make the edit if it appears necessary. Note, if you want to change something that could easily be achieved by adding a further post to the thread, you will be expected to do it.   Forum staff generally view new posts added to threads since their last visit. If a "for sale" item has been sold or a wanted item has been obtained, just add a post to the thread and it will usually be noted and the thread title will be edited appropriately. This saves members' time wading through posts that are effectively "dead".   DaveL


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  1. The Coming Season

    Can’t see past Jack if I’m honest. My goal is AA by summer.
  2. Stainless Barrels

    Had a stainless barley twist on my Steyr and it took more wind than my car seat.
  3. shooting in the cold with a pcp!

    I don’t think my 9015 changes in temperature. Last year my March seemed to switch at 7 degrees but for some reason this year it doesn’t. ?
  4. I would like to wish all on Airgun Forum a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.
  5. Bazzas 9015 ?

    I’ve had a similar issue with my 9015, was throwing every 3rd or 4th shot low. Put some felts through and saw an improvement then pulled it through and voila back on song again. The only thing is the pull through came out as clean as it went in?
  6. Position and hold

    Worlds shortest thread?
  7. Bazzas 9015 ?

    That certainly does sound like a 9015 with a dirty barrel to me.
  8. Bazzas 9015 ?

    I can fully concur with Neil
  9. Old school comp

    I guess only owning a 9015 / March 80 combo I won’t be invited....
  10. A Pup With A Good Trigger ?

    I’m having a pup made based on a Daystate with electronic trigger for silhouette work and a bit of rough shooting I will let you know more in the new year.
  11. Worlds UK 2019

    This worlds Col? I would have thought you would have retired to the drawing room and taken the service revolver out of the draw. Lol
  12. Bazzas 9015 ?

    “Hi Darron welcome to the company I have two company cars spare, a Mercedes CLK or a Skoda Octavia, which would you prefer?” “Oh great I will take the Skoda thanks”
  13. Worlds UK 2019

    I beat Nick in his hey day!...........once.