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  1. Darron

    The Worlds in Poland....

    Yes Wrecker would be my tip for the worlds! im going for 1.Wrecker 2.The Russian fella 3. Berty
  2. Darron

    The Return of Wardy ?

    That’s good news Holls
  3. Darron

    Anschutz quality.

    Col seriously my 9015 shoots at 776 +/- 3fps over 50 shots
  4. Darron

    Tinkering and Practice

    I used to shoot regularly with Sir Nick back in the day and he sure was the man to beat but you can’t just blow the dust off your kit after how many years and get straight back at it. I know. Also if your going to hamstring yourself with a Hawke then your just going to make the job harder. It was nice to see him again though but it did make me feel old lol
  5. Darron

    Tinkering and Practice

    Judging by the results for worlds 2017 I wouldn’t bother with the lock of Jenks hair lol
  6. Darron

    Anschutz Andy....

    You struggle to get 48 at the Euros over both days lol
  7. Darron

    Bisley GP5...the return of our hero?

    I think the request for you to start on lane 1 was made by the catering van man.
  8. Darron

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    I think only the FTP stock looks great in wood
  9. Darron

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Not essentially a individual win but my 9015 cleared this years Inters course at Anston with a top score on the day
  10. Darron

    Progress ?

    I’ve heard the only courses you’ve ever demolished involve a knife and fork.
  11. Darron

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    “I'm not keen on wooden stocks, they remind me of my grandmothers best room and the sideboard that sat in there, she gave it me when I got my first house. I waited until she went home and then burnt it down the garden!” your an ungrateful twonk Martin lol 
  12. Darron

    Holly's Fame at last....

    I’m not sure his gut will allow the lid to shut Col?
  13. Darron

    Anschutz Andy....

    Doesn’t it make him look even more handsome and manly. Top guy is Andy.
  14. Darron

    Standing Training

    I’ve been working hard this week to understand why I struggled so much with the standers at Nelson and the answer was simple. All my training has been at standers which are on a level plain to me. I’ve made a change to my style which now means my supporting hand is much closer to the trigger (the balance point) and this has been working well in training. The standers at Nelson were downhill and this forced me to place my support hand further down the stock which increases the side to side movement. To get around this I’ve found that throwing the rowan / hamster down and forward allowing me to maintain my hand position helps. It’s not ideal but it helps.
  15. Darron

    You Tube ?

    Belas left Daystate months ago?