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  1. Darron

    So where is our hero?

    If that’s the case it should be on Freeadds lol
  2. Darron

    So where is our hero?

    I can’t wait to see the old salty sea dawg again
  3. Darron

    So where is our hero?

    I think he may be secretly working on a 9015 Pup for Anschutz. I can see him now welding rods on to the 4K trigger to improve it.
  4. Oh my are you boys in for a treat when you meet Blackbrooks bowl of doom
  5. Darron

    So where is our hero?

    Yes I’m not quite sure what’s up Jon said he was having CT scans on his thorax but one of the lads said he had pneumonia and kidney issues. Hope the old boy picks up soon.
  6. Darron

    So where is our hero?

    On a similar note our man Jon is quite poorly at the moment let’s hope he gets well soon
  7. Seems obvious to me that Holly has a hole in his bat pants
  8. Darron

    New Scope

    Best scope I ever looked through from a clarity point of view was something called a Hertel & Reuss or something like that? oh and I use a March 80x
  9. Darron

    World Class Veterans....

    Surely Holly would be to old to qualify for Vets class?
  10. Darron

    World Class Veterans....

    I predict Keith Hassel will win vets class
  11. Darron

    The Shutz Barrel

    Holly please don’t buy a March 80 I think things will be a bit tight fiscally in 2019 and I don’t think I could stand the depreciation hit on mine if I needed to sell it after the bad publicity you will bring to them
  12. Darron

    Main shoot rules

    Simple it’s a case of aim small miss small. If all you had was a 25mm to kill at but the target actually fell if you hit 40mm around it you would be surprised how many more standers you hit.
  13. Darron

    Chop Squad chopped....

    From what I hear it was NEFTA
  14. Darron

    Chop Squad chopped....

    Sounds like deflection tactics to me Mr Eaton because most Midlanders think.............it’s you!