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  1. Darron

    FWB 800X

    Martin Calpin uses one so does that answer your question? 😂
  2. Darron

    WFTF 2019 Practice

    Holls I think the worlds is in the perfect location as it is. The course will be to WFTF standard. We have everything the competitors will need to prepare for what I’m sure will be the greatest FT event to date.
  3. Darron

    WFTF 2019 Practice

    Blackbrook Country Sports FT Club are delighted to advise that we will be organising a week (1st to 7th August 2019) of Pre Worlds Practice at our comprehensive shooting ground. We are only 30 minutes from the Heart of England. We will have available to you: Full 50 shot WFTF standard FT Course 2 x 30 shot BFTA standard courses A large covered plinking range including benches and many targets Zero boards at measured ranges Air Tanks for Refills Beans to fill bean bags (at extra charge) All of this for £7 per day Please keep checking back for further info
  4. Darron

    OH YES .

    Dropped 2? What and left all the others standing?
  5. Darron

    Rock moved?

    Only ever had one visit to the rock, it was mid August and wetter than a mermaids minge.
  6. Thanks Holls will keep in mind
  7. Thanks if your ever in the Midlands call in any day but Tuesday.
  8. Hi All, New MFTA member club Blackbrook Country Sports will be holding our second Fun FT shoot on Sunday 21st October and then every two weeks thereafter during the winter league season. The shoot will be 40 targets to BFTA rules and the entry is £5. The shoot will start at 09:30 and due to the relaxed informal nature of our club latecomers are welcome to start on arrival. Membership is now open at £25 joining fee and then £20 per month by standing order which gives you unlimited shooting across our 3 FT courses and substantial covered plinker. For more info please inbox me thanks Darron
  9. Darron

    Euros weekend....

    Its Skill without a doubt untill you get off plate
  10. Darron

    Euros weekend....

    i love shooting in the wind boys but i think when you move away from edge of plate it starts to become a lottery?
  11. Darron

    Target sprint

    1200m ? That’s merely a jog up and down my driveway
  12. Darron

    Euros weekend....

    No excuses from me old boy, just didn’t shoot well enough on day 1 so 40/50 and shot the same on day 2 on a tougher course / condition so 35/50
  13. Darron

    New Scope

    I spoke with Juan about the March shift in Italy. I think his behaves differently than Wreckers and mine. I did think mine shifted at +/- 7 degrees when it was on my FTP and this is why I brought a twin pointer but when I put the March on the 9015 the shift had gone. I never saw a move all last summer and winter except in Italy where the air temperature was 38 degrees at times.
  14. Darron

    Euros weekend....

    And put it back together with a few less parts and lots of glue.
  15. Darron

    New Scope

    Yes fortunately your technical skills are unmatched ......the FT world can only handle so many rogue traders