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  1. Thank You PPI ?

    Holls I hope the next time I see you you have a GC2with you I would absolutely love to have a go just for a trip down memory lane if I may.
  2. Grading

    As I said elitist
  3. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    And where do you get the idea I’m not skint Holls, I’ve got 5 kids and an 18th century Manor House that takes a lot of up keep! That’s before we even get talking about the holiday home in Barbados that needs staffing as well. If you think the Bentley runs itself think again. To he whom much is given much is required dear Holls.
  4. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    I wouldn’t be interested Holls, I’m not an avid club man I never have been. I will be spending most of my summer on the National circuit so will have little time for the club. It’s a base for me and that’s that. A new club would need time and energy I don’t have. Jon get yourself over to Blackbrook there are 3 courses there now and plenty of wind. I may now be at Millride Saturday
  5. The Regional's .

    I think they will Holls it was a superb event. As far as the money is concerned I think we get FT on the cheap.
  6. The Regional's .

    Yea but obviously he didn’t do it all on his own, I think he thought that the “helpers” had got a bit carried away.
  7. The Regional's .

    The weather is always going to be or should be the prime consideration when setting courses. Another 5mph of wind on that course on Sunday and it would have been carnage. I spoke to Calps and he wasn’t happy with the length of the course.
  8. Europeans Italy

    i think the heat and worlds etc has put a few off Matt, i am only aware of Ian Phillips, Andras and myself confirmed from the UK. I know that Mr Costello has enetered but im not sure how far along he is with his plans.I think Rob F is also considering but not confirmed. Have to say im really looking forward to this one.
  9. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    Same for me Matt
  10. The Regional's .

    It would make sense to make the Saturday the harder challenge on that basis Holls.
  11. The Regional's .

    I’m having a weekend off this weekend I think Jon apart from a little training if possible. I do hope to hear that you’ve had your gun out at Millride though it would be good to see you back behind the trigger.
  12. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    It’s just the hat from the MFTA but your entry to Champs and Inters is also covered.
  13. The Regional's .

    Steve it was one of those days that you either got or you didn’t we’ve all had them. I wouldn’t be to hard on yourself mate. On another day that course had all the ingredients to muller me, I got my guesses right, had a little luck and performed well. If you were having a bad day it was long enough to add to your misery in heaps
  14. The Regional's .

    The second day was slightly harder Holls as it was longer but same light winds as Saturday. It was possibly the longest course I have ever shot and had the wind got up it would have been carnage.
  15. Wax V Oil for stocks ?

    i like the finish Tru Oil gave my stock and im rubbish at that kind of thing
  16. Standing Training

    I have to train competitively to see any improvement. I either do that by training with a mate who wants to beat me or if i cant do that then i set myself a challenge that has both a reward and a penalty attached. For example i have a small range in my garden with a variety of targets suitable for using whilst training for standers. On the run up to the Worlds (and i will be doing again for the Euros in Italy) i train a minimum of 5 nights a week, the deal is i have to clear my course (12 targets) without a miss. If i miss its back to the start (the penalty) if i clear it i can have my tea. Trust me ive had my tea very very late often.
  17. The Regional's .

    Thanks Rob, will just be happy to keep making steady progress and if i can throw in the odd good one then i will be real happy. Im going to focus everything on Italy now just like i did for the Welsh Worlds, i know that by strictly following the plan (more like regime) to the letter, with a fair wind and a bit of luck i can be at my ultimate for them 3 days, if that will be good enough will be another question but i would dearly love to come home having given the best of me like i did in Wales.
  18. The Regional's .

    Thanks everybody it’s very kind of you. Jon I did say if you build it I will do you proud, I haven’t achieved anything yet but that cheer that went up when the last target fell made me feel very humble and proud of the friends that I have made.
  19. Europeans Italy

    Ok Rob, Andras is definitely going and I spoke with John Costello whom is making plans now so we have a total of 4 at the moment.
  20. Europeans Italy

    Matt there is a list of entrants on the Comp web site so far only 4 from Uk
  21. Europeans Italy

    Have you decided yet Rob?
  22. Europeans Italy

    It should be good but expect it to be hot.
  23. Europeans Italy

    Hi Matt myself and Ian Phillips are booked. We fly from Gatwick to Rome. I think John Costello and Andras have also entered.
  24. Grading

    Would be hard to do that Holls as I haven’t seen Jony shoot in ages.
  25. Grading

    Your making a good job of doing that on your own Holls ?