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  1. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    I'm sure there jennys rifles not Richards
  2. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    I was shooting next to him on Saturday at springfield and he said he couldn't shoot prone anymore and shot the whole course standing...didn't say what was the issue tho?
  3. Sure Shot .

    LW barrel's seem to be a safe bet...not seen or heard of a bad one that's been machined properly..... Springfield ...is that springfield in Essex? ....im paying this club my first visit this Saturday for a hft comp !
  4. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    Finding decent ground is proving very difficult as myself and fellow club members are finding out since loosing our land at xmas that we had high hopes for! we are currently homeless...and are having to host our shoots at other venues which is having a serious impact on the numbers of members this year. I'm considering packing in hft and taking up FT as sywell ft club is 2 mins from home and I'm getting fed-up with the hour long drive to the nearest hft club.
  5. Sure Shot .

    that's great news...hope the other lads get the same, so what barrel is the next purchase ?
  6. isp airstream

    Hmmm there's got to be away to lessen the temp issue....
  7. isp airstream

    Well had it a while now and shot 4-5 comp's with it had very good results ....nice and accurate with a decent shot count not batch/pellet fussy which is great but like's a clean barrel! my only gripe is it's quite temp sensitive compared to my other rifles if I set it @ 780-785 fps at 15deg's it drops to 770@ 5deg's , Havent tried at higher temp's yet just hope it don't go above 785 @ 20-25deg's
  8. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    that's right Holly it will be moved to june and also at a different venue, It was the worst muddy conditions ive ever shot in...trying to take an unsupported Kneeler or stander when your sinking in mud is not ideal! was a good day tho ...first comp got underway at 8am ..last comp finished at 19.00pm long day as Monday's shooting was cancelled because of the weather so had to be all done on sunday went back yesterday to help clear the bravo course that we set up and it was underwater
  9. thermometers !

    I see some of you FT shooter's have digital thermometer's fitted to there stock's...how accurate are these thing's and where do you recommend to buy from? thank's john.
  10. Pellet sizers

    Any of you use pellet sizers? ive got some that uk neil made and never really used them so I'm going to give it ago to see if it make any difference
  11. ok Cliff I though you could post pics ....ive tried but site says file to big
  12. Got any pics Holly?
  13. isp airstream

    feel sorry for the lad's that have brought these bad barrel's ,hope they get a refund !
  14. isp airstream

    ok I seen your post asking Tony on lost volume page...it sounds like a good theory !
  15. isp airstream

    Ah that sounds like an intresting read....don't have a link do ya?