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  1. isp airstream

    feel sorry for the lad's that have brought these bad barrel's ,hope they get a refund !
  2. isp airstream

    ok I seen your post asking Tony on lost volume page...it sounds like a good theory !
  3. isp airstream

    Ah that sounds like an intresting read....don't have a link do ya?
  4. isp airstream

    Been out practicing with it today and its great, produces thumb nail size groups at 55yrds with the 2 dies of jsb pellets I have , I'm using a fixed 10x scope with px set at 25yrds so I'm sure these groups could be improved on if I was to use a high mag scope like you guy's have. So far looking very good will give the barrel a clean for the first time and see if this could improve or make thinks go to pot lol... One thing I noticed was it seemed to come off reg at about 100-105 bar which seems a bit high to me .....give it a few tins to see if it settles . john.
  5. isp airstream

    Its very good Monty....it doesn't seem pellet/die fussy ..it's very dead to shoot the balance is perfect for standers for me, 5 fps over the crono with unweighed pellets going out this morning to do some long range testing.
  6. isp airstream

    cheers Monty
  7. isp airstream

    its a Rowan adjustable lifter Holly!......will be using this at the HFT WORLDS COMP @ kelmarsh in April ....might have a go at FT as I live next door to Sywell ft club aswell
  8. isp airstream

    so I got my action no:38 just before xmas and now Shaun hill has just finished my Alutec stock ....will take afew pic's on Saturday with action fitted
  9. Also as you buy these barrel's as a blank they obviously need machining to fit a rifle where does this leave you if it's no good ? does it come with a 12 month guarantee ? can you ask for a replacement or your money back under the sale of good's act? food for thought!
  10. A thread on stb about these Sure shot barrel's is not looking to promising ...the lad's are reporting the internal's are rough and there not grouping very well either! at £100+ a barrel this is a expensive gamble.
  11. Just out of interest how many fps does your pcp drop when shooting in cold conditions? and which pcp ? do you adjust your hammer to bring it back up or adjust your scope to compensate ? honest answers please none of this mine is stable -10 deg's to + 40 deg's I keep hearing john.
  12. no your right there holly! AA's pellets don't seem to vary between batches like jsb exacts do , ive always used jsb exacts but now there prices seem to have gone up everywhere I'm switching to AA field's
  13. Anyone know where I can get aa field pellets by batch numbers? like intershoot do with jsb pellets? looking for die 3,7,10,44,55 in aa thank's john.