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  1. MarkHolding

    ASI Paratrooper repeater trigger sear

    This is my trigger block, which shows where the missing parts should go.
  2. Does anyone have the older ASI Paratrooper repeater with the older trigger mechanism? I require the trigger sear, but as they are no longer made, I am asking if anyone that does have one and capable of removing their trigger sear to trace around onto an A4 paper and scan it to file, so that I can get one made. There is only one diagram that I have found, but it is not very clear, and no dimensions. Without it the rifle is pretty much useless. Here are a couple of photos showing the part that is missing and what is required. Many thanks for your help.
  3. MarkHolding

    Can a gas ram be improved

    Here are the results of the replacement gas ram and seal fitted by BSA. A bit better, but no where near what it should be. https://youtu.be/xAvM4dWr4bE
  4. This video shows how i was able to adjust the power on my Falcon prairie B light hunter. It had been shooting at 8.5 ft/lbs to 10.4 ft/lbs depending on pellet used. This video will help those with high or low power problems. https://youtu.be/zlqcmFKjvgc This video shows the results of the above power adjustment https://youtu.be/m3R9CleMeKE photo files: Chronograph test with Falcon accuracy plus pellets before the test. photo files: Chronograph test after power adjustment using Daystate Rangemaster plus which were the most efficient pellet through the rifle.
  5. MarkHolding

    Can a gas ram be improved

    Just an update to say that I got my rifle back from The Countryman gunshop in Derby within a week of sending it back to BSA in Birmingham. It's all been looked after at the factory, with even parts added that I didn't send it in for, so quite a good customer service from GAMO/BSA. I haven't tested it yet, due to the -excrement-ty weather, but hopefully it is now doing what it should have done in the first place. It had about 2 months of warranty left.
  6. MarkHolding

    Can a gas ram be improved

    I phoned Countryman of Derby, who told me to take it back. They are returning it to BSA/GAMO for a replacement ram, as it still has 2 months on the warranty.
  7. MarkHolding

    Can a gas ram be improved

    Getting a pumps no problem, I just wondered if the Gamo gas rams were adjustable. I will have to take it out and have a look to see if the gamo rams are designed to be adjusted or not, as you never see many comments on this. If this is the case I will record my procedures and share for anyone else that has a Gamo gas ram. I realise that the Theoben rams are adjustable, but are other brands??????? Thanks for your imput rapid slayer
  8. MarkHolding

    Can a gas ram be improved

    I have a Gamo Whisper IGT and it is shooting at an average energy of 9.4 ft/lbs energy. It has been like this since new about a year ago. Will shimming the gas ram, as with a normal spring add extra power, or does the gas ram pressure remain constant even if shimmed. I have been told that the HW90 could be adjusted by a valve at the rear of the ram and a special pump. I haven't had the rifle apart yet, but wondered if anyone had fine tuned their gas ram. My goal would be 11 ft/lbs, so not much extra energy required, possibly 50 or 60 feet per second.
  9. MarkHolding

    FTP900 firing cycle time mod?

    Its probably worth talking to Air Arms about it, as they like the feedback and can change things on future model's. They must be doing something right though, as there rifles win lots of competitions. You would think that at that level of rifle there engineering would be spot on wouldn't you.
  10. MarkHolding

    Air Arms S200

    I took my Air Arms S200 CZ .22 to the Woodend Farm Airgun Complex today to test it for the first time on the range since fitting my new Altaros regulator. After slightly winding down the power using the venturi screw on the transfer port, I am now getting a shot variation of no more than 4 feet per second over the entire 100 shots that a 200 bar fill will give. The power is now just over 11 Foot pounds, or around 560 to 563 feet per second using Daystate Rangemaster Sovereign pellets weighing 15.9 grains. http://youtu.be/uNbG6ZsDW6o
  11. MarkHolding

    Air Arms S200

    You can't go wrong with any of the Air Arms S200 models. They all punch above their weight and are very accurate. Like Ray says some of the Target models come in 6 Ft/Lb versions, due to being used on a 10 metre paper target shooting, so wouldn't be as suitable at HFT ranges out to 55 yards. I have just regulated my Air Arms S200 Mk1 with an Altaros regulator, costing £63, delivered. The pro's of the Mk1 and some of the Mk2 models are that they have no anti tamper screws, allowing you to fine tune the hammer and transfer port to the Ft/Lbs that you require. I have found that they are best set between 11.3 and 11.6, any higher and the shot consistency can be off. With my regulator I am getting around 70 shots in .22 at 190 bar, but can charge to 200 with the regulator fitted giving me 90 shots. At 10.5 Ft/Lbs its returning 120 shots at 200 bar. Expect about 15% less shots with a .177, due to the extra air required to equal the equivalent power to .22. To identify the 3 models, the Mk3 is a full single stock. The Mk2 is a double stock with a barrel band, and the Mk1 is also a double piece stock with no barrel band. Apart from that, you will find that most of the parts are interchangeable, even the stocks.