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  1. stoat61

    Early AA S400 leaks through gage

    Thank you gentlemen - I'll get another guage and see if it fixes it.
  2. I bought an S400 about 12 years ago iirc, and then didn't use it as I got a cheap .22LR Anchutz semi auto and an FAC. I recently got the gun out of mothballs and gave it a clean and a re-charge from a scuba bottle. The gun was fine when I put it away, but now leaks air through the gage (as far as I can tell (the little hole in the side of it)). Is this something I can fix myself (i'm a reasonable mechanic on motorcycles) . Is it likely to be the gage itself or should I just buy a seal kit - how can I test? Cost/Experiences of tuning/regulating the rifle. The gun was lovely to shoot and so accurate that it put several shots through the same hole when I was setting the scope up. I had to dig the pellets out to convince myself I hadn't omitted loading before taking the shot. doh!