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  1. It was a great day, topped off by shooting with Holly, the man, the legend.... the world needs a few more Holly’s, fact 🙂
  2. Ive had Uttings check the store room for batches I need in the past. Always been very good.
  3. GaryB

    SEFTA Winter League Rnd.4 at ETL....

    Dont chase your scores and especially anyone else's! Just turn up and enjoy and accept what happens, learn from mistakes and stop at KFC! Have to ask why you did not choose Sefta in the first time if its closer? I know if I were lucky enough to be in the middle it would be ETL if in the Woods for me, but not the bowl. Hope you make it which ever. I was plinking 18 months ago at Bisley as I work near there and when FT was mentioned I got a BFTA number and the rest is history. Never had a clue about clubs, regions or locations of.... I drive 200 miles a day most days for work so no CSFTA club is "far" but some days a "quick trip" to SEFTA is very appealing Friendly faces everywhere..
  4. GaryB

    Csfta Bisley winter league

    It is Colin
  5. GaryB

    Airgunforum, what future?

    Now youre talking. Some walnuts in it as well. And I've found a good garden centre is the place to get the high quality merchandise
  6. GaryB

    SEFTA Winter League Rnd.4 at ETL....

    My scores of late are below good no matter what or where I shoot. I am a fan of ETL though.. Think decision made... Oh and all SEFTA grounds are closer to me than CSFTA
  7. GaryB

    Bazzas 9015 ?

    I found AA better than JSB when I done my testing a year back, I found a great batch but could only afford to 20 tins :-/ Bisley do support their members on pellet pricing which is great if you find a batch they have your rifle likes.
  8. GaryB

    Airgunforum, what future?

    That's what I thought Colin until I got "into" it... Now I'm quite the coffee cake snob!
  9. GaryB

    Airgunforum, what future?

    As I've got older I love a coffee cake....
  10. GaryB

    SEFTA Winter League Rnd.4 at ETL....

    Cor I love ETL but it clashes with N Oxon CSFTA. Now as I'm missing too many CSFTA shoots for my score to count do I gate crash another great ground for out of region experience!?!
  11. I have a No27 in my x35 and I had many emails back and forth with Viking / Leupold getting them to confirm that the only reason they'd take it out is if they broke it during the service and at that point I'd get a call / email asking what ret I wanted in it. Hoping it doesn't break I assume they mean from their standard range of rets, cross or cross with dot. I'll cross that bridge if I come to it but in fairness I like the target dot in my x40 so would probably just go with another.
  12. I've recently had my x40 sent to Leupold (via Viking) for a service and it came back quickly and the scope is mega, they even gave me new turret covers I was missing - great service. However Viking are having trouble with an export licence at the moment ( I have my x35 sat with them waiting to go back for a service ) and today they sent me an email saying that very shortly there will be a new German service centre who they can use as well as sending them off to the US of A. They'll send mine off to Germany if they go live before they sort their licence. Now I don't know what (if any) work Germany will do with the changing of rets etc but it does sound like a good sign at least