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  1. PelletOnPellet

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Matt, seriously, what is wrong with you? To be clear I have nothing to do with sponsorship and if you are serious about sponsorship then talk to the BFTA instead of posting up on a forum all the time. With regards payment, if you or Raug want to use my pictures in a professional way that I expect to be treated that way. I've sold a lot of pictures in my time and I know how it works. I've had a lifetime as a professional designer of people giving me the old likes of "for experience" and "great exposure". Raug is a multi-million pound business, maybe it should look at hiring someone instead of moaning on internet forums, it's not a good look. Second, the photographs are my copyright and have nothing to do with The BFTA. I allow PoP, AirGunWorld and The BFTA use my pictures for the good of the sport. I also allow individuals to download copies as well because I'm a good egg. On average, I spend about 24hrs a week working on the sport and promoting it and the only thing I've ever charged for is 20+ of pictures to magazines and for getting an extra programmer in to do work that I'm to busy with my real job to do. So there you have it but if I was doing sponsorship, I'd be seriously questioning whether dealing with you was actually worth the hassle. .
  2. PelletOnPellet

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Hi Matt, I sell one thing and that thing is my time, simple as that and it's worth noting that I can only sell that once. At the moment there isn't a function in B.O.B to input gear info by hand and it's not really something you could just knock up, it needs thinking about and planning, so far apart from yourself, no-one has really asked for this info but if you look at our enough of photo's from each event from myself, Simon and Rob you could find everyone you needed within an hour. And sure, I do charge for my pictures for professional use because again my time and money is spent supporting the sport and I believe that has some value plus the gear and the server I use doesn't come for free. I probably spend about 1K a year of my own money pushing FT and suspect Rob's and Bri's bill is about the same.
  3. PelletOnPellet

    Bisley GP approaches . Scores on the doors ?

    I'm cool with it all mate, it's just the internet.
  4. PelletOnPellet

    Bisley GP approaches . Scores on the doors ?

    Think I may put two days practice in for this one, Bisley is always a long on and Castle have a great practice course out that suits my needs. I'm just trying to stay in the top 10, 3yrs I failed no, twice I got 11th and last year 13th...so close.
  5. PelletOnPellet

    Anschutz roll of honour

    I'd love to do more with the stats but it takes money and time to do it. Myself, Rob and Bri have spent hours collecting data and publishing it, along with over 10,000 photographs. Maybe if the sponsor thru some money at the BFTA we'd be able to do more projects that require skilled programmers, until than I can't see much changing as I do enough as it is without taking on more projects.
  6. PelletOnPellet

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    No mate just a brutal minimalist who just doesn't like sideboards or those new stocks with "ear scoops" I would like to design a stock tho but I'm just not keen on wood or old-fashioned looking things. I don't think I've ever seen a wooden stock and gone "that looks great".
  7. PelletOnPellet

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    I'm not keen on wooden stocks, they remind me of my grandmothers best room and the sideboard that sat in there, she gave it me when I got my first house. I waited until she went home and then burnt it down the garden! I hate the lines on the Ataman/Tzar, awful looking thing. Same with the new Atom, makes the gun look dated. Having said that I've just got this:
  8. PelletOnPellet

    Air Chrony

    No it didn't
  9. PelletOnPellet

    Springfield GP

    Holly, I'd focus on learning to use the clock first
  10. PelletOnPellet

    Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2018

    No you haven't Springers only. Shoot the same gun, loads of people share guns. I can sort that.
  11. Booking is open on the World's biggest springer competition, we've raised over £12,000 for charity so far, get involved. https://www.britishrecoilingchampionship.co.uk/
  12. PelletOnPellet

    The Gimp ?

    David Robinson FTP 900
  13. PelletOnPellet


    Yule wishes to Techno Grandad.
  14. PelletOnPellet

    The Gimp ?

    Says the bloke who tunes guns, real men shoot them straight out of the box and when there are no pellets we use grit off the floor.
  15. PelletOnPellet

    The Gimp ?

    You sound like a load of Luddites, why not take the sport even further back and go with iron sights only!