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  1. WHAT ?

    Not if you've got the hook set up correctly it doesn't Have you tried staples, they'll hold it in place. Superglue might work also. Doesn't sound very 'balanced' though with all that weight at the back. Incorrectly set up kit will result in what I call a 'Holly' (a miss followed by a lengthy excuse and 5 pages about it on AGF)
  2. WHAT ?

    Not sure about the upside down armadillo, you're the only person in the world that mounts it like that so either you're an inspired genius, or... The stuff we've been doing with the Aeron barrels has made me more relaxed about mini's and reducers. The worst barrels grouped very tight at 30m so it's down to where you point it on the 15 and 25's and the barrel doesn't really come into it?? Even the Aeron that did dinner plate sized groups at 55 would have taken a 15mm at 25 yards or 25mm at 35 yards with ease. I tend to use a 15mm mini at 55 to test for grouping, if most take it down with the misses splitting left/right on as calm a day as you're likely to get I don't think you've much to worry about. They have 15mm practice targets with a bell at Basingstoke which is great fun and annoys the chaps shooting 25mm at 30 yards off a bench and we have a monstrous alarm bell target at the Bucc's with a 10mm hole that we put out at 38 yards
  3. WHAT ?

    All 3 but... Other than having something to bolt the action into, the stock really only serves 2 purposes. Consistent eye position to the scope and correct hand position to the trigger. Reach is obviously important but you can chop a bit off or add a spacer easily enough. Not entirely sure about balance. I hear discussions about balance a lot but some folk like front heavy some don't so balance is one of those things that I think you can learn rather than there being a holy grail? It needs to have some sense of 'balance' but I'm not sure it's critical, I think in many instances the owner is just trying to replicate how their previous rifle felt but give it a few weeks and they'd prefer the new different 'balance'. I think that many after market stocks are more about bling than function, my GC stock is a no better fit than my bog standard EV2 MK1 stock IMO from a shooting perspective but both have had time spent on the cheekpiece position which I feel is critical. I'm not fond of the 'balance' of Steyrs (and I really don't like pistol grips) but I spent most of yesterday afternoon shooting one to test a barrel. After an hour or so I started to warm to it and my shooting improved. Add my Gemini butthook and a few more hours spent shooting it and I think it would have felt OK. Pistol grip might take a while, 15+ years of shooting 'thumb forward' is hard to change. For me the cheekpiece is by far the most important aspect followed by the grip and reach. Butt hook is very important for me and needs to be on the list, horses for courses on brand and style but a butt hook that's correctly adjusted locks the whole rifle in place and significantly improves my sight picture stability and also negates much of the 'balance' issues. I see loads of hooks that really don't seem to fit the shooter terribly well and some that induce canting. I think that a really well fitting FT stock and butt hook can be counter productive for really new (and some more experienced) shooters at it transmits every flinch, snatch and general wobble to the sight picture and muzzle. The barrel being tested was rubbish BTW, no prizes for guessing which one it was For me trigger is more about how it's set up, on cheaper non FT rifles they can be pretty agricultural and will never be nice to shoot so it does need to be of 'match' quality. I've got Anschutz triggers on both ISP's but my standard EV2 unit feels just as good (for me). No creep, glass rod and takes no mental input to send a pellet on its way but sufficient weight to avoid accidental release (especially on standers with cold hands). The 'Schutz's are far more adjustable so getting there is way easier and their quality is such that you always get a good one. I've shot loads of rifles over the years that have good trigger units that are badly setup, the standard units on my ProSport and HW100 are significantly better than some of the full on FT match trigger setups I've shot so I'd say that as a sweeping generalisation the triggers on AA, Steyr, Anschutz, Walther, ISP, RAW and Hammerli FT rifles are all good if they're correctly adjusted so I'd probably put getting it setup correctly and learning the sensitivity to control it on the list rather than the actual mechanics. Barrel needs to be good but I'm not overly obsessed with single 4.5mm or even 9mm holes at 55, they might get you a few lucky splits but ranging and reading the wind will get you many more targets. I would probably put shot to shot consistency and definitely temperature stability above sub 9mm holes. If you see big power shifts between 0 and 20 degrees (temp of the action, not ambient air temp) that's a pretty rubbish rifle, you can see that range on a spring day if you're moving between shade and sunlight over a few hours and could make a far bigger difference to POI than the barrel does. Pellet fussy is a pain in the backside but that doesn't impact you during a comp, just means more testing on the plink to find the right ones (which you're likely to do anyway) so it's a sideshow unless it's so fussy that only one di comes close to working or you can only afford to buy two tins at a time so it's a nice to have rather than critical.
  4. Atom rifles

    That's why he doesn't like them, no told him about it and no one sent him one
  5. The SteyWhei

    The site is quite restrictive on file size, probably because the server all of this sits on is a physical device in a physical location, but if you select the minimum resolution possible on the phone/camera it might be below the 0.5mb limit. Just be interesting to be able to see what you're seeing.
  6. The SteyWhei

    Come on Holly, you need to post some pictures of these magnificent groups so we can look on in awe It would be useful for us to see the different groups from various states of Phil's tinkering, lots of posts about mega barrels from just about everyone all over the interweb but rarely backed up with pictures.
  7. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Yes, a bit late but it does suggest that there is at least some recognition that they are rubbish. There are quite a few threads knocking around on various forums regarding these barrels so anyone Googling for reviews should find information quickly and know to stay well clear of Aeron barrels and probably anything that purports to be from 'the same factory that supplies CZ'. If it doesn't come with a CZ sticker on it in CZ packaging from an authorised CZ reseller then you takes your chances. Doesn't help those that have parted with their quids though.
  8. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Looks like the Aeron barrels have now been removed from the Sureshot website, which is not a bad thing.
  9. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Probably will be in next months issue along with a full page advert for them Gonna need a way to shift that pallet load of them sat in the warehouse.
  10. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Phil is good, he will get it shooting OK but the barrels are completely useless as supplied, takes much effort and knowledge to rescue them. If you had taken it to someone that charges by the hour you'd be a few hundred quid worse off by now plus the £130 for the barrel itself. I know you always take a bit of a risk with a barrel, some are better than others, but the 16mm Aeron ones should never have made it out of the factory. If you rod a pellet down them the groves are so bad it sounds like there's a bumble bee inside. The fact there is debate about them being 'good' says quite a lot about the seller so I'm with you Holly. If anyone asks for an opinion on the quality of service from the seller at our respective clubs I don't think it'll help his business
  11. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Yep, when everything is going well and you're selling decent kit at a decent price and it's all arriving on time everyone gets excited and says what a good chap you are. That's just doing business to my mind, a good supplier only stands out when something goes wrong and they resolve it quickly and with as little pain as possible for the customer. A bad supplier stands out even more. There's still time for the right thing to happen though Holly
  12. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Looks like there has been progress on both the 16mm and 15mm Aeron barrels, extensive lapping with cast lead plugs and diamond paste seems to get them on song. But, they're expensive for what they are and need a level of skill and effort beyond most of us to get them shooting anything other than really badly, certainly that is the case with the 16mm. For the money I think it's fair to say you could do far better. Doesn't look like there is currently an appetite for the UK seller to take them back either which is a bit disappointing especially given some of the claims they're reported to have made about them.
  13. The T16 Sterling Arms

    I think Stan might be right about the piston class. Be interesting to see if it ever comes out, it might have this or that, 3 choices of UK made barrels with microgrooves (thankfully not a special Aeron CZ version for Holly where the micro grooves go the wrong way- concentric rather than along), anti bear trap on production ones, recoil is balanced for a pellet, carbon fibre stuff, unsure about stocks. Didn't seem very finalised plus it had the whiff of Daystate style marketing
  14. The T16 Sterling Arms

    And I believe it was the Whiscombe, along with the SR, that caused the classes to be redefined as recoiling and recoilless? Good rifles to be sure, but against a top flight modern PCP?? The last time a Whiscombe was used in anger PCP's were not what they are now.
  15. The T16 Sterling Arms

    Given it's 'recoilless' I don't think it qualifies for the BFTA piston class, you'd have to shoot PCP class (which until recently was always called recoilless). Nice idea and probably fun to shoot but not sure it would win comps in PCP??