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  1. I had a standard Shamal fitted with a swan neck bolt and the Olympic trigger 'carbined' by Dave Welham in '93. Sold it to Ron a year or so later and Ann still has it. Mine wasn't in a Welham stock though just a CS1000. Lofty.
  2. Lofty

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    That she did, she even wanted to know about the , 'new' to her , kneeling position !!. Shot like she'd only been away for a few weeks !! .
  3. Lofty

    Messing with a Steyr .

    A good point.
  4. Lofty

    Messing with a Steyr .

    That's why I'm waiting on the new bags as they will have some extra protection compared to the original ones. The new ones will have a better 'spine' which will be firm rather than just the normal foam , and will be a tad taller to accommodate larger sidewheels. There're not that expensive either. . A new gel FT glove coming out as well, I have the original gel one which works really well but they will now do it with the thumb and two fingers cut back so you can adjust the wheel better.
  5. Lofty

    Messing with a Steyr .

    A few bits and pieces. he's got a new range of deep soft gunbags coming in a few weeks time. Nice range of ali stocks by Aeron for the AA 4/500 series and now the HW100/101 , which can be 'Cerokoted' in a variety of colours (for an extra charge of course). Custom woodwork by Warren can also be supplied for these stocks. He's also got in ali stocked FX guns which have the new STX barrels. These are I believe the evolution of the smooth twist barrel but have a twist for the whole length NOT to be confused with rifling I'm told. The barrels can also be unscrewed and changed for different twist rates. I think that there is one on test by a certain journo ATM. Hope to get him up at Iceni some time to demo them and anything else he has. For gadget tarts he does an inclinometer combined with a bubble level that clamps to your scope. Cheers, Lofty
  6. Lofty

    Messing with a Steyr .

    No problem. I was over at Sureshot checking out any new gear he has or will be getting. Who you going to get to machine it then ? Or will you be doing it yourself , I've heard that you are quite the engineer.
  7. Lofty

    Messing with a Steyr .

    No problem. Plus not sure if you knew already but the barrels are blued already. Lofty
  8. Lofty

    Messing with a Steyr .

    Hi Holly, I can confirm that your barrel was packed and posted this morning . Cheers, Lofty.
  9. Lofty

    Barrels .

    Hi Holly, I think it's as Steve says that they are blanks so would have to be machined but that shouldn't be much of a problem to an precision engineer like your good self. Cheers, Lofty
  10. Lofty

    Barrels .

    I believe that Matt at 'Sureshot' has been selling CZ barrels to several people to fit in Steyr's. HTH. Cheers, Lofty
  11. Lofty


    Some info for you for trains from Ipswich to Darsham ( Average time 43mins) https://www.thetrainline.com/train-times/ipswich-station-to-darsham Would have thought that as you detailed it ............ "So i should be able to buy a ticket from portsmouth to darsham at portsmouth . that first train to blackfriars . underground to stratford ( freedom pass ) then on to ipswich . change to darsham . that right ??? HOLLY " you can get the ticket from Portsmouth. Don't tell me you're going to that junk shop, sorry I meant antiques shop, in the station yard because apart from that and a café there's not a lot there . Cheers, Lofty
  12. Lofty


    Skan use transmitters and recievers at each end , i.e. top and bottom , and usually they will come as matched pairs and will probably be infra red. Mike Childs , who is in fact Skan, always used to remove the identifying numbers on the IC's etc. to stop anyone reverse engineering his designs. Good luck in your quest though.
  13. Lofty

    Who made this reg?

    Got a Ti cylinder on mine. It was John Walkers or possibly Rob's , either way it does make it balance better. I'd guess that mine's a Mick Tronman one.
  14. Lofty

    Who made this reg?

    Was the Mk 3 reg not 'copied' / designed by Joe Korick in the states ?. I know that when Wayne serviced my PT, which has the Mk3 reg , he replaced a part sourced from Joe. When my RN10 Mk 2 reg failed Bill Sanders just had a Mk 3 fitted FOC as they were out then. So you could be right that the earlier ones were not repairable.
  15. Lofty

    Who made this reg?

    As far as I can remember they took the CA100 , which as you correctly stated was a 10 mtr gun, and upped the power to 12 ft/lbs. Later it was re-branded as the RN 10 ( RN being Rob Nicholls who owned NSP Engineering where AA are based and the 10 for it's 10mtr heritage. The early ones had a barrel much longer than the cylinder and a muzzle break / weight not dis-similar to the FTP900's. The rest is history as they say. We got the RN10 Mk 2 then a Mk3 reg and finally the Pro-Target FT which had the floating barrel from the factory and the famed or is that infamous Mk3 reg. I had a Mk 2 back in the day and quickly had one of Keith's lightweight shrouds put on it. From there the EV's followed finishing with the current EV2 Mk V , ooops I meant the FTP900.