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  1. Thought I should add that 1800psi is all these cartridges are rated for so probably better to stick to 1500psi as a limit, but I definitely wouldn't push it past the 1800psi rating! That is asking to get killed. Anyway I stick with under 1500psi myself for safety.
  2. Old thread here, so sorry for reviving, but noticed no one had replied. Must be short of tinkerers on this forum! Great idea anyway, did you ever end up putting the fill nipple on the other side? I did something similar with my 1322. I tapped into the side of the 1322 valve like you did then attached an Asa adapter with a pressure gauge on it and a 12g co2 to paintball fitting adapter. This way I can either use co2 cartridges, or with an empty cartridge in the adapter, I fill the valve and cartridge with the guns forearm pump, which will give around 9 or 10 shots at around the Canadian legal limit of 500fps. That is only filling it to around 1200psi. With your gun set up sounds like it's set for higher pressure so you could fill it to 1600-1700psi and get higher powered shots in that 9-10 shot range. You'd need to put a hammer spring adjuster on the back end to get things balanced right. Cheers!