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  1. Hatsan SORTIE (Semi-Auto) PCP Pistol Video Review

    Hatsan SORTIE Review Video This is an up close look and review of the new Hatsan Sortie semi auto pistol. Thanks for watching! - Nate @ YouTube's Airgun Channel
  2. Youtube's Airgun Channel gives in depth Video Reviews and Specs on all the latest and greatest air guns, PCP rifles, and BB guns available. Youtube's Airgun Channel also gives tips on Airgun shooting, DIY projects, marksmanship tips, equipment reviews, and more! Please Subscribe! Find us anytime at www.Air-Gun-Channel.com Thanks -Nate M


  3. $39.00 PCP Hand Pump Review (Video) with Exploding Targets! The Airgun Channel on YouTube is getting really good. My latest video is a review on the $39.00 (4500 PSI) PCP Hand Pump now available. I’m also working on some give aways to celebrate my 100th + subscriber. Thanks to all my Subscribers. Happy New Year! -Nate Click here for the $39 PCP Hand Pump Review on Youtube. Also coming soon: Review of Ataman AP16 Compact and Standard in Silver and Black Review of Hatsan Sortie .22 with Wood Stock How to Make Exploding Targets Coming some day: FX Crown Review, Trick shots, Extreme Test and more (saving up for that one) Coming Next: How and Where to Buy Air Rifles (new and used) plus Review of Best Air Pistols for Sale today